AmEx Aims to 'Zync' with Socially Hip 20s Crowd

American ExpressAmerican Express is inviting holders of its new Zync card, a mostly targeted demographic of smart shoppers in their 20s, to a “community of curious, active, and informed people.”
It is doing so on its “Zync Tank” website, where it beckons cardholders to “serve as ‘consultants’ by sharing their perspectives and opinions in order to shape the future of Zync Card from American Express.”
Connecting to the social media-hip crowd is fairly new territory for the top credit card provider in the category of purchases.
The target customer base for Zync: the kids of the folks who remember watching actor Karl Malden boast that he never leaves home without it –  in those 1970s American Express commercials.
The challenge for AmEx is to get young people to buy into a charge card – one that requires you to pay off your balance every month – instead of the “freedom” of a revolving account credit card.
The Zync Card annual fee starts at $25 – the low end for AmEx annual fees. It also offers rewards packages for the smart young shopper who may be willing to pay a bit more in annual fees for multiplying points on certain purchases.
The so-called “lifestyle packs” gets you twice the membership reward points.
The Go Pack gets you twice the points on airfare and exclusive travel offers. The Social Pack offers “2X” points on restaurant and event purchases. The Connect Pack gets you double rewards on mobile and cable services. And the Eco Pack gets your twice as many points at selected “green merchants” and reduced redemption rates on eco-friendly merchandise.
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