Go Figure: A 'Twitter' for Credit Card Purchases?

Credit card purchasesCombine the Twitter concept with your credit card purchasing habits and you get Blippy, a new social media site in beta testing now and launching next year that lets your friends – or anybody – keep track of what you’ve bought with plastic.
The idea may sound downright dangerous in the age of identity theft and credit card skimming, but there are suppose to be security controls in place.
Blippy’s founder is Internet entrepreneur Philip Kaplan, the former chief executive at AdBrite, which places ads on more than 100,000 affiliated sites and had 2008 revenue of $31.6 million.
Blippy lets you register your credit or debit cards into the service, as well as accounts at online stores like Amazon, Zappos, and Apple’s iTunes store. Privacy features will likely include the ability to lock out certain vendors from credit card data collection, and possibly an approval step for transactions before they’re made public.
Here are examples from Blippy’s website: “Kathleen spent $45.62 at Trader Joe’s;” or “Sammy spent $11.12 at iTunes.”
Call these “Blips” – the Tweets of personal finance habits.
Kaplan said the “idea is that most Americans have two or three credit cards in their wallet… and you sign one of them up to be the social card — it’s connected to the site.”
“I guess you need to have the right temperament if you to want to blog and tweet and Facebook and all that,” Kaplan told The New York Times. “It’s just another way of saying, ‘Here’s what I’m doing,’ or ‘Here’s where I am,’ or ‘Here’s a band that I’m really into’ — obviously, because I just bought five of their albums.”
There are about 100 people using the site now in a very limited, invite-only testing phase.
Kaplan said that marketers will be able to use Blippy like than can any other social media site, but it’s not aimed at them.
It will be seen by marketers no “differently than they can see what you’re Tweeting or what you’re blogging about,” Kaplan told the Times. “It’s probably more interesting to marketers, but that’s not our focus. Our focus is just in making it a really fun and interesting place for our users.”
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