Blippy: Twitter for Credit Card Users Goes Public

BlippyBlippy, the Twitter-like social media site that displays how much you’ve spent and what you’ve purchased with your credit or debit card is now live to the general public.
Blippy has been tried by about 5,000 people in invite-only beta testing, but this week Blippy started scrolling live its users’ purchases. When you sign up, you can attach a credit or debit card to the service and let your followers know the song you picked up on iTunes or movie on Netflix — well, you get the idea.
“Blippy is a fun and easy way to see and discuss the things people are buying,” the Blippy site tells its visitors.
Entertainment industry marketers and producers may develop an interest in the site, in addition to retailers. The most common purchases mentioned thus far appear to be what movies were rented through Netflix, or music and other items through iTunes and Amazon. There are also purchases at well-known store chains, and not so well-known local pubs. ATM withdrawal amounts also show up.
What if a user regrets publicizing a purchase and wishes to delete or edit the item? In its privacy policy, Blippy says a user can email the site and “we will attempt to accommodate your request if we do not have any legal obligation to retain the record.”
The San Franciso-based start-up has some well-established venture money behind its public launch – about $1.6 million.
The amount may not be so large, but the names are. They include Sequoia Capital, Charles River Ventures, Twitter CEO and co-founder Evan Williams, and other Silicon Valley investors.
Co-founder and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Philip Kaplan sees Blippy as the next evolutionary step in the way people socialize online.
Kaplan told All Things Digital’s Kara Swisher that he hoped Blippy would soon register $1 million in transactions per day.
“We are hoping to create a site that is useful and informative to people, based on a Twitter model of sharing information in an open way,” Kaplan said. “People care about what they spend and we think this is an obvious thing to share.”
Kaplan, who previously founded the online advertising service AdBrite, said the venture capital is enough to fund Blippy for the next 12 to 18 months.

One thought on “Blippy: Twitter for Credit Card Users Goes Public

  • January 17, 2010 at 1:15 pm

    This is the craziest thing ever. Like I would want the whole world to see my financial info. I can’t believe this is actually gonna fly….

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