Chase to Open 14 More Foreclosure Prevention Centers

ChaseChase has opened  two additional “homeownership centers” in the New York-New Jersey area – adding locations in the Bronx and Brooklyn – and today said it would open 14 more counseling facilities throughout the country this Spring.
It now has 37 such centers to help distressed borrowers avoid foreclosures.
Trained advisors evaluate a borrower’s finances, review “possible workout options” and answer any questions, Chase said.
“We created these local Homeownership Centers as a place for our borrowers to sit down and discuss their situation face-to-face with trained loan advisors in these challenging times,” said David Schneider, head of mortgage servicing at Chase. “They are part of a wide-ranging initiative to help families stay in their homes whenever possible.”
Chase, the U.S. consumer and commercial banking arm of JPMorgan Chase, is the top credit card issuer and the nation’s second largest bank by assets.
Chase was listed as the second most active mortgage servicer under the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program, HAMP, through January, with 162,483 active mortgage reduction trials or finalized modifications. Only Bank of America, the top mortgage lender, had more with 234,156 active trials or permanent relief.
Customers who are late paying mortgages from Chase, Washington Mutual or EMC can call a center to make an appointment with an advisor.
Chase said customers may call 866-550-5705 if they’re current with payments “but face financial hardship, which may lead to default,” or would simply like more information.
Chase also has a website for trouble mortgage borrowers:

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