American Express Sponsors Conan O’Brien's Comedy Tour

TeamCoco.comAmerican Express knows a hot trend, and it’s sponsoring former Tonight Show host and new Twitter user Conan O’Brien on his just-announced comedy tour across the country.
You don’t become the most used credit card for purchases unless you can spot a key demographic marketing opportunity. 
How popular is Conan online with the social media crowd? Two weeks ago he joined Twitter. Now he has more than 635,000 followers.
“Hey Internet: I’m headed to your town on a half-assed comedy & music tour,” he Tweeted today.
At you can see the American Express trademark card with logo underneath Conan’s mostly gray and white poster portrait – except for the orange hair and the orange title: “Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.”
The site provides direct links to Ticketmaster for the comedy tour stopping at nearly 30 cities, starting next month. Coco is the name O’Brien’s hardcore fans gave him during the protracted dispute with NBC.
O’Brien left NBC with a lucrative severance package after refusing to accept a later time slot for the storied Tonight Show, which is again hosted by Jay Leno.
Last Sunday, American Express and launched television commercials during the highly-rated Academy Awards telecast. AmEx is a partner in the online venture that focuses on getting the public interested in philanthropic projects and socially-redeeming documentaries and other media projects.

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