Apple’s iPad and AT&T’s ‘Breakthrough’ 3G Deal

Apple's iPadThe super-hyped debut of Apple’s iPad tablet computer next month will carry with it what the computer giant calls a “breakthrough” offer from AT&T — a non-binding, month-to-month option on 3G data service.
The more expensive iPad with both Wi-Fi and 3G capability will enable users to choose a 3G data plan – 250MB for $14.99 or unlimited Internet and email access for $29.99 – at anytime without a contract. They can also cancel at anytime. And repeat the cycle.
Most 3G data plans are attached to contracts, such as those for Apple’s iPhone through AT&T.
“In the United States, 3G service is available through a breakthrough deal with AT&T,” Apple boasts on its website. “…Best of all, there’s no contract.”
The Wi-Fi only iPad will be shipped starting on April 3, with the Wi-Fi/3G models becoming available later in the month.
On Friday, the much-anticipated iPad became available through pre-orders. estimates that 120,000 iPads were sold on the first day.
The device will give users usage updates if they have the 250MB data plan, enabling them to turn off 3G or upgrade to the unlimited plan.
The plan helps Apple make some peace with iPhone users who already subscribe to 3G coverage and might want to purchase an iPad. If they subscribe with AT&T for a second 3G plan for the iPad, they can at least cancel the 3G plan for the table device at will. Apple has rejected the concept of “tethering” the iPhone 3G service to the iPad.

One thought on “Apple’s iPad and AT&T’s ‘Breakthrough’ 3G Deal

  • March 16, 2010 at 3:44 am

    Death star is once again turning the screws.I have an iphone and would love to be able to tether are we all going to have to JAILBREAK our iphones to get away from the dark side????Its not the force be with you, there forcing us into a corner.

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