Bank of America’s Non-HAMP Foreclosure Rescues at 500,000

Bank of AmericaBank of America today released a tally of its own, non-government foreclosure rescue efforts since January 2008:  More than 500,000 loan customers have had their mortgages reduced.
In addition, the bank has the most active trials under the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program, HAMP, with more than 240,000.
Under HAMP, Bank of America has completed nearly 21,000 modifications, reducing monthly payments by hundreds of dollars permanently for borrowers who had been facing foreclosure.
“We are in a position to show strong results in completion of permanent HAMP modifications as we move into spring,” said Jack Schakett, loss mitigation strategies executive for Bank of America Home Loans. “We have a strong pipeline of modifications in the trial payment period, under review for conversion to permanent status, and out for final signature.”
BofA has become a focal point of HAMP because it is the top U.S. lender and for its relatively low rate of assistance, as calculated by HAMP’s monthly report for February released today. While Bank of America has the highest number of active trials, it is in 11th place with a 24 percent share of those borrowers eligible for HAMP assistance.
However, in its statement today, BofA stressed its own modification efforts outside of HAMP’s system and calculations.
“The bank’s homeownership retention efforts were well underway prior to implementation of HAMP last year, and the company continues to rely on proprietary programs to modify loans for homeowners who do not qualify for the government initiative,” Bank of America said.
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  • One thought on “Bank of America’s Non-HAMP Foreclosure Rescues at 500,000

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