Twitter Takes Action Against Phishing, ‘Deceitful Attacks’

Twitter log-in pageIn behind-the-scenes security adjustments, Twitter said it is cracking down on phishing attacks that have accelerated in recent weeks in what it describes as a “a major blow” against “deceitful attacks.”
Utilizing Twitter’s direct messaging system, phishing links have nearly overrun the micro-blogging giant as scammers have taken over user accounts to email or tweet followers.
Phishing usually includes links to bogus log-in pages where fraudsters can obtain your password. The ultimate goal of malicious phishing attacks is to obtain valuable credit card or bank account numbers, or other vital pieces of identification.  You can normally detect a bogus log-in page by looking at the URL, or webpage address.
Twitter said its new service will protect users from phishing links.
“By routing all links submitted to Twitter through this new service, we can detect, intercept, and prevent the spread of bad links across all of Twitter,” reported Twitter’s “Trust and Safety” director. “Even if a bad link is already sent out in an email notification and somebody clicks on it, we’ll be able keep that user safe.”
 Twitter said it is focusing its efforts on emails to its users.
“For the most part, you will not notice this feature because it works behind the scenes but you may notice links shortened to in Direct Messages and email notifications,” Twitter said.
Most recently, hackers hit Twitter in the form of spammed tweets touting diets or weight-loss plans with shortened URLs that lead to diet-related sites.

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