Twitter-Like Blippy has New Per-Item Credit Privacy Option

BlippyBlippy, the Twitter-like social media site that went live in January and displays users’ credit card transactions, has revamped its site and added a new privacy option.
Users now can “manually review each purchase before it appears” on the site, Blippy’s administrators announced through their Twitter account. And they can prevent the specific purchase information from being posted.
Before the new policy, all purchases made with a credit card linked to the service would result in a posting. Blippy has lined up a growing list of online retailers, such as iTunes, Zappos and NetFlix.
A “significant new feature” is what the founders of the Silicon Valley-based start-up called the new option.
But it comes as Blippy has gotten flack from Internet security experts and privacy advocates for providing potential ammunition for phishing attacks, or scammer-produced emails disguised as personal messages that draw recipients into bogus log-in pages.
Twitter itself this week announced a new screening method for phishing links after numerous attacks in recent days that tapped into member accounts, primarily through direct messages. Some of those may have caused hacker tweets involving links to bogus weight-loss or diet sites.
The high-end mission of phishers is fooling victims into giving up critical financial information, including credit card account numbers.
“From a cyber criminal’s point of view, Blippy currently offers great information to construct a highly-targeted spear phishing attack,” Cyveillance wrote on its cyber intelligence blog.

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