Facebook Privacy: 95% Oppose 3rd-Party Policy, Poll Says

Facebook In a survey of Facebook users, 95 percent opposed planned revisions by the social media giant to its privacy policy that allows the sharing of information with “pre-approved” third-party websites.
Facebook users would have to “opt out” of third-party sharing with individual sites, based on plans by the social media network that have yet to be finalized.
Sophos.com, the Internet and I.T. systems security consultant, today released the results of a survey of 680 Facebook users . Only 3 percent, or 16 of those polled, supported the privacy policy, while another 3 percent, or 17 voters, said they didn’t understand the Facebook revisions.
“Even though Facebook says that only a small number of pre-approved sites will be offered this feature and that users would be able to ‘opt-out,’ an overwhelming 95% of the 680 people polled on this blog declared that they thought Facebook’s privacy changes were ‘a bad thing,’ ” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos.
Last week, 4,000 comments poured into Facebook, much of them in strong opposition to the “opt out” policy. Facebook had invited users to submit their opinions on all privacy policy revisions presented in marked-up form through its site governance page. Facebook said it will review the comments “to help influence our product development.”
Yesterday, Barry Schnitt  –  Facebook’s director on the Communications and Public Policy team – said that partners in the third-party ventures will be required to “provide an easy and prominent method for you to opt out directly from their website and delete your data if you do opt out.”

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