Facebook, YouTube Use Adds to Concerns of I.T. Managers

Facebook More internet traffic goes to Facebook at the workplace, and YouTube takes up the most bandwidth, according to a study by Network Box, the security services provider.
Network Box analyzed 13 billion URLs used by businesses in the first quarter of 2010, reporting that 6.8 per cent of all corporate internet traffic goes to Facebook – an increase of 1 percent since the last quarter of 2009.
In another finding, more business bandwidth is taken up with YouTube videos – 10 per cent of all corporate bandwidth, an increase of two per cent since the last quarter of 2009.
Information technology departments across corporate America are grappling with policies on allowing employees access to social media sites. Many do so for its marketing divisions that deploy social media strategies and monitor corporate pages on several networking websites.
But several issues come into play, including Internet security. With more than 400 million users and growing, Facebook has been forced to deal with a increasing number of phishing attacks – emails sent to users with links to bogus log-in or other pages. They also are contending with scammer fan or group pages peddling gift cards as part of a scheme to gather personal information from Facebook users.
Both Facebook and Twitter have been revamping security policies and strategies in recent weeks.
“The figures show that IT managers are right to be concerned about the amount of social network use at work,” Simon Heron, internet security analyst for Network Box.
Network Box said it polled 250 I.T. managers before its workplace website analysis and asked them about their biggest security concern.
“The top answer was ‘employees using applications on social networks’ while at work, with 43 per cent of respondents saying this is a major concern,” Network Box said.
Another 36 per cent of I.T. managers said they are “concerned about malware passed via networks such as LinkedIn or Twitter,” and employees clicking on links sent by contacts or followers, which could be malicious malware or phishing attempts. 
The top five websites visited by businesses in the first quarter:

  1. Facebook – 6.8 percent of all traffic.
  2. Google – 3.4 percent.
  3. Yimg (Yahoo!’s image server) – 2.8 percent.
  4. Yahoo! – 2.4 percent.
  5. Doubleclick – 1.7 percent. 

The top five “bandwidth busting” websites are: 

  1. YouTube – 10 percent of all bandwidth used.
  2. Facebook – 4.5 percent.
  3. Windows Update – 3.3 percent.
  4. Yimg (Yahoo’s image server) – 2.7 percent.
  5. Google – 2.5 percent.

2 thoughts on “Facebook, YouTube Use Adds to Concerns of I.T. Managers

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  • April 25, 2010 at 12:37 am

    Using SocNets– a major concern by IT Managers !! and rightly so, especially since neither Twitter or Facebook aren’t doing all that they could to keep their users safe. I work for VeriSign and remind my my clients often that the most effective form of thwarting attacks really comes down to awareness among internet users. Hackers will find a way into your inbox, or placing a fake site on your screen. Users that look for safe sites/log in’s via the green url bar, extended validation SSL are sending their own message. The demand for high-level encryption and a valid “sense of security” while online after all Security should not be stamped- “use at your own risk”

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