Facebook’s New 'Safety Center' Eyes Cyberbullying, Security

Safety CenterUnder pressure from privacy and child-protection groups, Facebook has redone and expanded its “Safety Center,” taking input from various organizations to tackle cyberbullying and other hot-button, online security issues. Cyber bullying is a huge issue, just look at these cyber bullying statistics via BroadbandSearch, so this is a brilliant development. There are many ways, thanks to the advancement of technology that any form of cybercrimes can be monitored and the individual easily tracked. Thanks to the use of programs such as an online phone book, no one can hide from social media as easily as they think. There are also apps that allow social media users to save content posted by others, which can then be used as evidence in cases brought against them. This is even true of things like Instagram stories which are only supposed to be available to watch for 24 hours; the app storiesig even allows you to save these.

“In our online safety efforts, we learn from and with the most trusted safety organizations in the world,” said Joe Sullivan, Facebook’s chief security officer, in a blog post today. “We regularly invite authors to blog about safety topics from cyberbullying to the importance of ‘Thinking Before Your Post.’ ”
The Safety Center is divided into five main sections: General Safety; Safety for Educators; Safety for Law Enforcers, Safety for Parents and Safety for Teens.
Facebook has had to deal with various safety and security issues, including controversial new privacy policy revisions and an ongoing battle with hackers and phishing emails that overrun user accounts and try to steal passwords.
Scammers also have been creating bogus fan or group pages in attempts of snatching personal information from users, common techniques used in identity theft and credit card fraud cases.
“You’ll see content organized by audience type and by topics such as ‘Addressing Personal Safety’ and ‘Responding to Objectionable Content.’ Parents will find special content in the ‘Safety for Parents’ section with advice from our partner and member of our Safety Advisory Board, Common Sense Media,” Sullivan said.

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