Third-Party Privacy: Only 200-Plus Facebook Users Respond?

Facebook site governanceThere have been more than 1,500 angry responses from Facebook users since the March 26 announcement of third-party site information sharing that will require opting-out.  But apparently the outrage has been misplaced.
The comments have been posted on the social media site’s blog page, where Michael Richter, deputy general counsel for Facebook, first explained a week ago about “working with some partner websites that we pre-approve to offer a more personalized experience at the moment you visit the site.”
He then invited users to review several marked-up privacy revisions, and to respond with comments. The corresponding section for the third-party sharing rules is found on Privacy Policy – 4. Information You Share With Third Parties.
Only 238 comments had been posted as of 5:30 p.m., Eastern time, today. The deadline is 12:00 am, PDT, on April 3, 2010 (tomorrow).
Although Facebook is fully aware of the angry comments on the blog page, it keeps count of user feedback on each of the nine privacy policy sections on its site governance page.
“We hope you’ll take the time to review all of the changes we’re proposing and share your comments,” Richter said a week ago. “We’re sending out updates to everyone’s Inbox to notify you of the changes, and we encourage you to become a fan of the Facebook Site Governance Page to follow future updates. We look forward to reading your feedback.”
On the site governance page, users can also go to the “Documents” tab to post comments on individual privacy revisions.
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