Tech, TV Bargains Aplenty After Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Study Says

Don’t worry if you didn’t wait in line for the doors to open on Black Friday because the lowest prices on some popular electronics products will likely be around until mid-December, according to a study by Consumer Reports and, a forecaster of prices for sought-after TVs, laptops, cameras and other devices.
Yes, those rare and heavily discounted $200 laptops or TVs may have been up for grabs for those skipping on sleep after their Thanksgiving meal. But there were no guarantees, and usually no rain checks, with those early, door-opening deals.
Consumer Reports asked, the price-prediction website, to compile and analyze prices from mid-November to mid-December of 2010 for a representative list of Consumer Reports–recommended electronics models in some categories.
In a significant proportion of cases, Decide’s results showed, the lowest prices of the season on those items were not on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, the day following the Thanksgiving weekend. More than a quarter of the recommended TVs and cameras were at least 5 per cent cheaper between Cyber Monday and December 13 than they were earlier, including during the Black Friday weekend.
With laptops, Consumer Reports provided with a smaller sample of models, but the resulting data “indicated that consumers would have been at least as likely as with TVs and cameras to save on recommended models by waiting,” Consumer Reports said.
These findings suggest that you shouldn’t assume Black Friday prices are necessarily the lowest. That was the case for Consumer Reports’ recommended models last year.
But Consumer Reports does remind shoppers that they will likely find bargains on Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday, especially when it comes to the “door-crasher sales.” However, those rare deals may not be for models Consumer Reports has evaluated.
“There’s no doubt you can score some incredible bargains by getting up extra early or staying up past your bedtime to take in the midnight madness sales,” says Consumer Reports’ senior editor and shopping expert Tod Marks. “But retailing trends suggest that the opportunity to score a great deal won’t end this weekend. So there’s no need to panic.”

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