Health Care Reform Extends Coverage for 2.5M Young Adults: CDC

Health care form enacted last year has made it possible for about 2.5 million young people to receive health insurance coverage, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported today.
The Obama Administration heralded that figure as a successful component of the reform that took effect in September 2010.  A reform provision lets young adults remain on their parents’ insurance plans through age 26.
All Republican presidential candidates have pledged to repeal the health care reform law if elected.
Data from the CDC’s National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) shows that since September 2010 the percentage of adults aged 19-25 covered by a private health insurance plan increased significantly, with about 2.5 million more young adults with coverage, compared to the number within that age group who would have been insured without the law.
“Moms and dads around the country can breathe a little easier knowing their children are covered,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
Earlier this year, NHIS reported that one million more young adults had insurance coverage compared to a year ago. The number released today shows a continuation of the coverage gains due to the health care law “as students graduate from high school and college in May and June and otherwise would have lost coverage,” the CDC said in a statement.
The CDC’s data is consistent with estimates from surveys released earlier in the year – including the Census Bureau and the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index Survey – showing an increase in the number and percentage of young adults 19 to 25 with health insurance coverage.

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