Online Sales Via Mobile Devices Surge, Led by iPads, iPhones

It’s still a relatively small figure, but one study found that the share of online retail sales attributed to smart phones and tablets has doubled from 1.87 percent to 3.74 percent in the last nine months.
The point of the results from RichRelevance is the rate at which U.S. consumers are relying on mobile devices for browsing and making purchases, an important marketing component for online retailers trying to gain an edge. There are more than 90 million smart phone users and 24 million tablet users in the U.S.
The study examined the shopping patterns of more than 3.4 billion online shopping sessions between April 1, 2011 and December 18, 2011 on the websites of U.S. online retailers. These include small and specialty retailers, and 10 of the 25 largest retailers on the Web.
RichRelevance provides online personalized shopping experiences for visitors of the big retail sites, including those of Walmart, Sears, Target and others.
RichRelevance also tracked a big increase in mobile traffic: in April of 2011, just under 9 percent of all shoppers were browsing e-commerce sites via a mobile device. By December, the share has more than doubled, reaching 18 percent of all consumers.
iPad and iPhone dominate mobile shopping, RichRelevance found. Apple mobile devices account for just over 92 percent of the sales originated from a tablet or smart phone in December 2011, up from 88 percent in April.
“In order to succeed in this dynamic market, retailers and brands must ensure they are addressing relevance throughout the channels where people are shopping, ensuring a seamless experience across the interplay of device, context and consumer behavior,” said David Selinger, CEO of RichRelevance

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