‘Where’s My Refund’ IRS Statement Changes After 7 Days

The Internal Revenue Service’s statement regarding the Where’s My Refund online tool has been changed, seven days after a glitch stopped letting e-filers check the status of their refunds.
But it is unclear from the shorter, new statement whether the tool is back to pre-glitch functionality. But it no longer says there is a problem.
The updated statement says that if you e-file, you can expect your refund within 10-21 days, the standard timetable given taxpayers this year.
But taxpayers and tax preparers say that tax refunds for those who electronically file their returns are running later so far this year – by about a week or more.
The new statement does provide a hedge for the IRS, reminding e-filers that the refund date may change as your return is processed.
Here’s the full statement currently at Where’s My Refund:

If you e-file, you can generally expect your refund within 10 – 21 days. The projected refund date “Where’s My Refund?” provides may change as your tax return moves through processing. Keep in mind that IRS telephone assistors will not be able to provide additional information.
Please DO NOT CALL our toll-free number unless “Where’s My Refund?” specifically indicates that you should.

Here’s the IRS Frequently Asked Questions page on Where’s My Refund.
The previous statement said:

We are aware that some taxpayers who have filed electronically and received an acknowledgement from the IRS are concerned when they visit “Where’s My Refund” and are told that we have no information regarding their return. This is a temporary situation, and we expect to resolve the matter in a few days. At that time, taxpayers will be able to get an expected refund date when they visit “Where’s My Refund.”

Through Feb. 16, the IRS has issued 34.8 million refunds totaling $110.9 billion. During the same period in 2011, it issued 36.1 million refunds, totaling $115.3 billion. The average refund is $3,183 so far this year, according to the IRS.

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