FTC: Abusive Debt Collectors Banned from Industry

The two debt collectors threatened consumers with physical harm or death to them and their pets, using profane language, according to the Federal Trade Commission.
The two men who worked for an allegedly abusive and deceptive debt collection operation are now banned from the business as part of settlements reached with the FTC.
The settlement orders against the two employees of the debt collection firm doing business as Rumson, Bolling & Associates are part of the FTC’s ongoing efforts against illegal debt collection practices.
Frank E. Lindstrom, Jr. has agreed to a $673,000 judgment, representing the income he obtained from the operation since he began receiving a salary in 2005. This amount will be suspended, except for $29,500, due to his inability to pay.
Kevin Medley has agreed to a $390,000 judgment, representing what he received from the operation since he began receiving a salary in 2005.  This amount will be suspended due to his inability to pay, except for $17,500.
At the FTC’s request last fall, a U.S. district court halted the activities of California-based Rumson, Bolling & Associates.
The order froze the assets of the company, and appointed a receiver to run it.  Lindstrom, Medley, and four other people, along with three companies, were charged with multiple violations of the FTC Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.
For consumer information on dealing with debt collectors, see Debt Collection FAQs:  A Guide for Consumers.

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