Foreclosure Crisis: 8 Million Children ‘Invisible Victims’

An estimated 8 million children are or will be affected by the nation’s foreclosure crisis, according to a new report released by First Focus, a bipartisan family advocacy organization.
Of the 8 million children affected, 2.3 million have already lost their homes and 3 million more children are at serious risk of losing their homes in the near future, according to the report, “The Ongoing Impact of Foreclosures on Children.
An additional 3 million have been evicted, or may face eviction, from rental properties that fall into foreclosure. This report is the first to quantify the children in rental units affected by foreclosure.
“Children are the often invisible victims of the foreclosure crisis,” said report author Julia Isaacs of the Brookings Institution. “Foreclosure affects not just the homeowner or landlord, but also the children living in the foreclosed properties.”
The report breaks down foreclosures and a percentage of children affected in all states and the District of Columbia.
In Alaska and North Dakota, only 2 percent of children are affected, the lowest rates in the country.
Nevada leads the country in children affected by foreclosure at 19 percent.
Other states above the national average include Florida (15 percent), Arizona (14 percent), California (12 percent), Michigan (10 percent), Illinois (9 percent), Maryland (9 percent), Rhode Island (9 percent), Colorado (8 percent), and Georgia (8 percent).
The report finds that foreclosures often harm a child’s health and education.
Families that receive foreclosure notices are considerably more likely than other families to move, which slows academic achievement.
These families are also under financial and psychological stress, which affects the way parents interact with their children, “sometimes leading to harsher and less supportive parenting.”

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