JPMorgan Chase Glitch Spurs Double Charges on Debit Cards

JPMorgan Chase said today it has accidentally charged some bank customers twice on debit card accounts and is working on fixing the glitch and refunding overcharges.
The double-charge issue occurred in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Chase is based in New York City.
It’s not clear precisely how many customers were impacted by the dual charges.
“Some debit card transactions in the New York tri-state area posted twice. We are working to reverse that and we will reimburse any resulting fees,” said a JPMorgan spokesperson.
Purchases are normally first booked as a temporary charge. But in these cases, the temporary charged remained after the permanent transaction was processed.
The result of the glitch was that customers were charged twice for the same purchase.
Here’s what Chase told customers in Twitter messages: “We do apologize for the error. We are working to get the charges reversed as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience.”

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