Small Business Feedback Spurs SBA Online Strategies

With the help of focus group sessions held in three U.S. cities, the Small Business Administration has initiated online strategies that have increased participation in SBA loan programs and driven higher visitor traffic.
Feedback from the focus groups in Baltimore, Richmond and Washington, D.C. suggested that small business owners often are not aware of many of SBA’s resources or how SBA partner organizations can help both startups and existing businesses.
Those resources include targeted programs for women business owners and veterans, and an online community of blogs and discussion boards with more than 30,000 members providing answers to common small business challenges. Some business owners would prefer to focus on overcoming these challenges instead of thinking about small aspects of their company like the cleaning. If you find yourself in a similar situation and would like to hire an outside company to do this for you, then you may want to have a look at somewhere that provides COMMERCIAL CLEANING SERVICES, CONTRACTOR LONDON for example.
The focus group feedback and the resulting SBA marketing initiatives have produced results.
One topic promoted through the SBA online resources, including its social media outlets – how small businesses can sell to the federal government and tap into the $100 billion in government awards – saw a 72 percent increase in visits to the Government Contracting classroom page.
Those visits resulted in a 255 percent registration increase in “Gov’t Contracting 101” courses.
Another topic highlighting resources for women-owned businesses spurred a 92 percent total increase in page views by current or aspiring women small business owners. Other topics include tips to help reduce their taxes and the President’s Startup America campaign.
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