Study: Quarter of U.S. Adults See Gap in Health Coverage

A quarter of U.S. adults ages 19 to 64 experienced a gap in health insurance in 2011, with nearly seven out of 10 going without coverage for a year or more.
The new survey by the Commonwealth Fund found that 41 percent who were uninsured, or insured with a gap, had previously been covered by an employer-based insurance plan.
Of the remainder, 18 percent had been enrolled in Medicaid, 6 percent had a plan purchased in the individual market, 7 percent had been insured through another source, and 27 percent never had health insur­ance.
Among those who had employer-sponsored insurance before seeing a gap in coverage, two-thirds (67 percent) cited a loss or change of a job as the primary reason; nearly six of 10 (58 percent) were uninsured for a year or more.
“Because there are few affordable insurance options for adults outside of the employer-based system, such gaps may be temporary or they may last several months or even years,” the study said.
For more, read the Commonwealth Fund’s: “Gaps in Health Insurance: Why So Many Americans Experience Breaks in Coverage and How the Affordable Care Act Will Help.”
The Commonwealth Fund is a nonprofit organization that focuses healthcare issues.

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