FICO Scores: More Consumers in Top Range, 800-850

The percentage of U.S. consumers with FICO Scores between 800-850, the top range for credit worthiness, has reached a post-recession high not seen since October 2008, according to FICO Labs researchers.
However, the number of consumers with FICO scores between 700-799 has not rebounded fully to pre-recession levels. That range is considered very good to excellent by most credit providers.
The percentage of consumers between 700-749 (15.5 percent) is the lowest that FICO has recorded since the company began tracking this data in 2005.  And the percentage of consumers falling between 750-799 (19.4 percent) is the lowest that FICO has seen since April 2009.
FICO, which provides a standard score widely used to determine credit risk, analyzed national consumer profiles provided by the credit bureau Equifax.
”There has been a clear shift,” said Rachel Bell of FICO Labs.  “Many consumers have moved into the top tier of the FICO Score range by redoubling their efforts to maintain an excellent credit profile.  Other people have fallen into lower tiers, most likely due to the financial stress that many households have been feeling.”
Despite this shift, FICO determined that more than half of FICO scores in the U.S. are between 700-850, indicating many Americans have managed their credit well in the midst of the worse economic downturn in decades.

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