FTC to Return $2M to Buyers of 'Google Money Tree' Scheme

The Federal Trade Commission is mailing 93,086 refund checks totaling nearly $2.3 million to victims of hidden fees tied to a bogus work-at-home product.
Promoters lured consumers by deceptively using the name and logo of Internet search giant Google and falsely promised that they could earn $100,000 in six months, the FTC charged.
Customers were tricked into divulging their financial account information to pay a modest shipping fee for a work-at-home kit, the FTC said.
Many consumers were unaware, however, that the fee for the kit would trigger recurring monthly charges of $72.21, the FTC said. The scheme promoters did not adequately disclose the charges, according to the FTC’s lawsuit.
Consumers who purchased “Google Money Tree,” “Google Pro,” or “Google Treasure Chest” will receive about $24.50. An FTC administrator will mail the cheeks.
Consumers who have questions, or who have not yet filed a complaint with the FTC and wish to do so, should call the Redress Administrator, Gilardi & Co. LLC, toll free, at 1-877-226-2847, or visit the FTC’s refunds website.

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