Household Income Down, But Fewer Americans Lack Health Insurance

Median household income in the United States was $50,054 in 2011, a 1.5 percent decline from the 2010 median and the fourth consecutive annual drop, the U.S. Census Bureau reported today.
Americans make less than they did in 1999, adjusting for inflation.
The nation’s official poverty rate in 2011 was 15.0 percent, with 46.2 million people living below their means as defined by U.S. standards.
After three consecutive years of increases, neither the poverty rate nor the number of people in poverty were statistically different from the 2010 estimates, according to the Census report: Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2011.
The report also found that the number of people without health insurance coverage declined from 50.0 million in 2010 to 48.6 million in 2011, as did the percentage without coverage – from 16.3 percent in 2010 to 15.7 percent in 2011.
This decline in the number of uninsured could be a result of the early impact of health care reform, such as allowing parents to insure children up to age 26.

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