Average Credit Card Rate Stuck at 15% for 5th Week

The average interest rate on new credit card offers is stuck at 15 percent this week, making it the fifth straight week, according to the CreditCards.com.
This is also the 13th consecutive week that average rates have hovered just above 14.96 percent.
The average is derived from 100 of the most popular credit cards, covering the top U.S. issuers and representing every card category. Introductory (teaser) rates are not included in the calculation.
Credit card rates have been stagnant for most of the year.   Since Jan. 1, average APRs on new card offers have remained the same 28 weeks out of 42, said CreditCards.com.
For the past two years, issuers have not significantly modified their rates.
The average APR for all of 2012 is at 14.95 percent. During the same period in 2011, the average APR for the year came in at 14.8 percent.

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