Avoid These Credit Card Offers With Scary High APRs, Fees

These credit cards should scare you, and not just on Halloween.
CardHub.com compared more than 1,000 credit card offers and identified the cards to avoid in seven key categories. They are riddled with high interest rates and much higher fees that the average cards in their categories.
Here’s the CardHub list:
First PREMIER Bank Gold Credit Card (Worst Credit Card for Rebuilding Bad Credit)
This card is the antithesis of a card for credit building, since it charges a $95.00 processing fee prior to account opening, a $75.00 annual fee during the first year, a $45 annual fee in each subsequent year, and a $6.25 monthly fee beginning in the second year. If you aren’t able to pay your full bill one month, your balance will be subject to a staggering 36 percent APR as well.
US Bank College Visa® Credit Card (Worst Credit Card for Students)
Issuers typically offer college students more attractive interest rates and rewards than their credit standing merits. That’s because they could end up being lifelong customers with high earning potential. The U.S. Bank College Visa Credit Card doesn’t fit that mold. It doesn’t provide any rewards or low introductory rates and offers an APR as high as 20.99 percent APR – the highest rate of all the student cards we evaluated.
Visa Black Card (Worst General-Consumer Credit Card for Rewards)
This is a cheap imitation of the famed Centurion Card from American Express, which is commonly referred to as the Black Card. But with a $495 annual fee, the Visa Black Card is far too expensive for that, especially since it only gives you 1 point per $1 spent and access to airport lounges.
Arvest Bank Classic Credit Card (Worst General-Consumer Credit Card for Big-Ticket New Purchases)
This card has the least advantageous terms out of all the cards that offer “low” introductory interest rates for upcoming purchases. It doesn’t even provide a 0 percent rate and only offers its 4.9 percent intro APR for 6 months. When you compare that to the likes of the Citi Diamond Preferred Card, which offers 0 percent for 18 months, it’s obvious how much money cardholders could be leaving on the table.
UBS Preferred Visa Signature Credit Card (Worst General-Consumer Credit Card for Balance Transfers)
Consumers who are interested in making a balance transfer are looking to lower the cost of their debt. This requires getting a card with a much lower interest rate than they currently have while incurring minimal, if any, additional fees. Not only does the UBS Preferred Visa Signature Credit Card offer the highest introductory balance transfer APR (9.99 percent) for the shortest amount of time (6 months) of all the cards evaluated, but it also charges both a 3 percent balance transfer fee and a $495 annual fee.
US Bank FlexPerks Select Rewards Visa® Business Credit Card (Worst Small Business Credit Card for Rewards)
Small business credit cards tend to charge far more on their credit cards each year than normal consumers, and they expect above-average rewards in return. This card offers the lowest ongoing rewards-per-dollar ratio of all the small business credit cards evaluated, giving cardholders 0.5 points per $1 spent. As a result, it doesn’t even approach average in terms of the rewards it offers. A middle-of-the-road card will give you either 1.08 points or 0.98 percent cash back per $1 spent.

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