14,000 Californians have Their Social Security Numbers Mistakenly Posted Online

A state agency mistakenly posted the Social Security numbers and other personal data of 14,000 Californians.
The confidential information was available on the state’s Medi-Cal website for anyone to see for nine days, before the mistake was discovered and data removed. Medi-Cal is California’s Medicaid welfare program.
Providers of In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) care in 25 California counties are affected by the breach, according to a report from KCRA-TV, a Sacramento-based television station.
In an exclusive interview with KCRA, state officials from the Department of Health Care Services admitted to posting the nearly 14,000 Social Security numbers.
“This was inadvertent and we sincerely regret this has happened,” said Norman Williams, deputy director for public affairs for the Department of Health Care Services.
“It’s really going to hurt a lot of people, and the bad guys are going to be out there in seventh heaven,” Julie Hansen, who works 50 hours a week as an in-home care provider, told KCRA.
A Social Security number serves as a primary tool for identity thieves.
“If we do get bad reports or money against our accounts, they should be liable,” Hansen told KCRA 3. “But they’ve got the lawyers, we don’t.”

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