Electronics: Don't Get Me Off-Brand Tablet, Windows 8 Without Touch-Screen

Electronics: Don't Get Me Off-Brand Tablet, Windows 8 Without Touch-ScreenThe editors of Consumer Reports certainly are on top of the latest trends in electronics, so it’s no surprise that they are equally versed on what NOT to give as a gift for the holidays.
“Off-brand” or no-name computer tablets, for example, don’t make a lot of sense since major-brand 7-inch or larger tablets are being discounted.
Another CR editor says not to give him a Windows 8 computer without a touch screen. “That’s like buying me a car with three wheels,” said Jeff Fox, Technology Editor.
Eileen McCooey, Deputy Editor, Electronics, says not to give her a “humongous device.”
“Take smart phones, for one: The jumbo 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note II and others with 5-plus-inch screens may be tremendous products, but I would never want to lug one around,” McCooey said.
And when it comes to headphones, don’t give me a celebrity brand, said Jim Willcox, Senior Editor, Electronics.
“I just want good sound, not to make a fashion statement or identify with Dr. Dre or Lady Gaga,” says Willcox. “I own two great sets of headphones (Sennheisers and Grados), plus probably a half-dozen others that are decent (including a set of Monoprice over-ear cans that at $20, might be my bargain buy of the year).”
Here’s the full list of responses from CR editors.

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