'I Ordered 1 iPad, Got 5 iPads by Mistake' – Best Buy Does It Again

The Consumerist website was a bit surprised to hear from someone who had ordered 1 iPad from Best Buy, and received 5 iPads by mistake, all neatly pack in one box.
The customer politely called Best Buy and told them, and they said keep the other four iPads.
The Consumerist then heard from yet another Best Buy online shopper. Same mistake. Five iPads arrived instead of one.
And yet again, Best Buy said keep the extra ones.
Here’s what the second customer relayed to The Consumerist:
“I called Best Buy’s 1-800 number and the rep told me there was nothing he could really do because the system only reported one as being sent to me. He told me I could try and drop them off at the Best Buy store, but I had reservations about how traceable this return would be. You know, case the inventory person at Best Buy ever tracked me down and wanted them back.So right now I am just keeping them in my closet until Best Buy comes knocking at my door or a reasonable amount of times goes by.”

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