Target Coupon Offers '50% off Nook HD' – But Not Really

Target Coupon Gives '50% off Nook HD' - But Not ReallyBlame it on poor syntax or grammar, but Target messed up with its poorly-worded coupon sent in the mail with the retailer’s credit card statements.
This is how the Target credit-card coupon read: “50% off Nook HD or Nook HD+ Accessory.”  The “REDcard exclusive” coupon referred to a sale of “50% off” accessories for the Nook e-reader, not the device itself.
The Consumerist website reports on one customer’s experience to take advantage of what she thought was a really great deal on the device.
“Some customers did manage to take advantage of this excellent non-deal,” store employees told the Target customer, according to The Consumerist.
Target had to give detailed directions to Target employees to clarify the coupon’s actual meaning for excited customers who thought they could get a Nook for half the price.

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