Best Buy Quickly Backpedals on Big 50%-Off MasterCard Snafu

Best Buy Quickly Backpedals on Big 50%-Off MasterCard SnafuSome big retailers are so eager to e-mail out coupons to get more customers in their stores that they fail to realize certain restrictions are left out.
Best Buy now knows how these omissions are quickly seized upon by even more eager customers.
The electronics giant recently promoted what it thought was a simple deal: get $50 off of your purchase of $100 or more if you pay with a MasterCard, according to The Consumerist.
The coupon did restrict certain items, such as prepaid cell phones, iPods and some brands of TVs and cameras.
But it left out other restrictions, and the omissions did not go unnoticed by savvy and resourceful shoppers. It seems there were no limits on how many coupons a single customer could use. And there was no restriction at all on purchasing gift cards.
From The Consumerist: “Shoppers who were clearly out to ruin things for everyone began scooping up thousands of dollars’ worth of gift cards. One shopper claims to have snagged $2500 worth of Amazon cards.”
On, another customers boasted of using the coupon to buy $1,600 worth of gift cards.
The too-good-to-be-true coupon offer didn’t last long. Best Buy managers started rejecting coupons in the ensuing frenzy.
On the promotion’s first day, Monday, Best Buy posted an announcement by late afternoon clarifying sweeping changes in the original offer, including cutting the promotion down from one week to one day.
Here’s what Best Buy said:

We apologize for any confusion or inconvenience this may have caused.

  • The promotion was valid for ONE DAY ONLY, January 21, 2013. We are no longer able to accept or honor this coupon.
  • The offer is valid on a single, regular priced item purchase of $100 or more.
  •  iTunes, Amazon and other gift cards are excluded.
  • Limit 1 offer per coupon, per household.

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