Chase 'Self-Service Teller': New ATMs Can Spit Out $1 Bills

Chase 'Self-Service Teller': New ATMs Can Spit Out $1 BillsJPMorgan Chase is leading the way with next-generation ATMs, or “Self-Service Tellers”, that can give you dollar denominations smaller than 20s and cash your checks.
Chase is piloting these stations with bigger and more user-friendly touchscreens inside Chase bank lobbies, vestibules, and drive-thru areas.
Does it mean the continued depersonalization of the banking experience?
Probably, but Chase and PNC, another bank moving to deploy next-gen ATMs, like to remind customers that live tellers are still available. But these new stations will provide more convenience and speed up customer service at the more crowded bank branches.
What lessons has Chase learned from the six pilot locations of the expanded ATMs:
»» Customers find the large touch screens very attractive and user friendly;
»» Supporting tellers easily handle two lines at once, even during peak periods;
»» Enables employees to focus on higher impact interactions.
Company spokespersons told that Chase has deployed about 400 of the machines since the end of 2011, and PNC has upgraded more than 3,600 to dispense $1 and $5 bills. Both Chase and PNC plan to double those numbers by year’s end.
The lowest bill Bank of America ATMs spit out is $10, while Wells Fargo doesn’t have any ATMs that dispense $1 or $5 bills, said
If that’s not cutting edge enough for you, Chase is also piloting branch machines that provide new and existing customers with instant debit cards. The machines can also activate debit cards for PIN and signature-based transactions. Future functionality will include credit cards.
Chase has issued nearly 85,000 cards during pilots since 2008.

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