Consumers May Get Refunds for 'Deceptive' Dietary Supplements, FTC Says

Consumers May Get Refunds for 'Deceptive' Dietary Supplements, FTC SaysIf you bought any Accelis, nanoSLIM, Cold MD, Germ MD, or Allergy MD product, the Federal Trade Commission says you may be eligible for a refund.
The FTC charged Iovate Health Sciences U.S.A. and two affiliated Canadian companies with deceptively advertising that these supplements could help consumers lose weight or could treat and prevent colds, flu, and allergies.
In settling with the FTC, Iovate agreed to pay $5.5 million for consumer refunds.
Consumers who bought any of these five dietary supplements between January 2006 and July 2010 will have until April 1, 2013, to apply for a refund by filing a claim form online or calling 1-877-576-9978 to request a paper claim form in the mail.
Consumers who previously received a refund from a California class-action settlement involving Cold MD are not eligible to receive a second payment.
Consumers are eligible to submit claims for up to five of a single type of product, and for a total of up to 10 products.
The amount of each refund will depend on the number of products purchased and the number of claims submitted by eligible consumers.
Eligible consumers who receive refund checks must cash them within 60 days of when they are issued.
More information about this refund program is available at Consumers with specific questions also can call 1-877-576-9978.

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