Facebook Alerting Members of $10 Payout in Sponsored-Story Settlement

Facebook Alerting Members of $10 Payout in Sponsored-Story SettlementYou may be entitled to $10 from Facebook because the social networking giant allegedly used members’ names and photos in sponsored story ads without their consent.
Facebook has begun sending proposed settlement notices to members who could be part of a class-action lawsuit. A $20 million settlement received preliminary court approval last month, but has not received final approval.
Facebook is emailing class members to let them know they can file a claim and receive up to $10 depending on how many claims are made and other factors.
Sponsored stories are a ads appearing on Facebook.com about or from a Facebook user or entity. A business or individual has paid to promote a product or service. In such ads, “there is a better chance that the posts will be seen by the user or entity’s chosen audience,” according to the Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement.
Sponsored stories typically include a display of a Facebook user’s Facebook name, with a statement describing the user’s interaction with the Facebook service, such as “John Smith likes UNICEF,” “John Smith played Farmville,” or “John Smith shared a link,” according to the class action notice.
The suit claimed that Facebook unlawfully used “members’ names, profile pictures, photographs, likenesses, and identities” to advertise or sell products and services through sponsored stories without obtaining their consent.
A “fairness hearing” is set for June 28. Users can find more information on the Fraley Facebook Settlement website

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