U.S. New-Vehicle Registrations Projected to Reach 15.3M, Up 6.6%

U.S. New-Vehicle Registrations Projected to Reach 15.3M, Up 6.6%New-vehicle registrations in the U.S. are expected to jump 6.6 percent in 2013 over 2012 levels to 15.3 million vehicles, another indication that the auto industry will continue to rebound strongly, according to Polk.
Meanwhile, car buyers in December helped automakers to end 2012 as the best year for car sales since before the the Great Recession, and the biggest one-year surge in sales in 28 years.
The auto industry is now on track for 14.5 million vehicle sales in the U.S. for 2012, a rise of 1.7 million, or 13 percent, from 2011. That’s the biggest jump in annual auto sales since 1984.
Analysts project U.S. sales to top 15 million vehicles in 2013.
The new-vehicle projections by Polk, the auto market intelligence firm, also include a 2.3 percent increase in North American production volumes to 15.9 million units for 2013.
New vehicle introductions in 2013 will surge significantly, with 43 new vehicle introductions in the U.S. planned for the year, up nearly 50 percent over 2012 levels, Polk said.
“Polk expects continued recovery in the industry in 2013 and 2014, a positive sign for the U.S. economy,” said Anthony Pratt, director of forecasting for the Americas at Polk. “The auto sector is likely to continue to be one of the key sectors that lead the U.S. economic recovery, however, we don’t expect to realize pre-recession levels in the 17 million vehicles range for many years.”
Moreover, 60 vehicle redesigns are expected in the coming year. These refreshed products fuel busier showroom traffic and, in turn, sales tend to increase around new introductions.

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