EBay Revamps, Lowers Fees in Bid for Amazon Sellers

EBay Revamps, Lowers Fees in Bid for Amazon Sellers EBay is doing away with insertion fees and other charges for listing many items, as it simplifies its fee structure to attract more Amazon sellers in the heated rivalry for the Internet’s top marketplace. Those who are looking to improve their selling on Amazon’s platform may want to check out the sophie howard amazon review to see how the courses can help.
eBay is simplifying its “final value fees” with fees imposed on each sale determined by product categories. The percentage fee currently is based on an item’s price.
eBay said the changes will begin rolling out in April as part of its biggest pricing overhaul in several years. However, will this only encourage Amazon to be more competitive? Some sellers on Amazon are already using an Amazon listing optimization agency to have their products be featured more prominently online, and it’s working well for them, so will they even want to move to eBay?
Starting April 16, a seller’s 50 free listings per month can be listed Auction-style or fixed price. Pay just one flat 10 percent final value fee – only when your item sells.
Starting May 1, up to 2,500 free listings per month will come with an eBay Stores subscription for frequent, large-volume sellers. Monthly store subscriptions range from $16 to $200.
Final value fees will be simplified to five competitive category-based rates – as low as 4 percent (and never more than 9 percent ) – “regardless of how you sell,” eBay said.
The new fees are lower than those of Amazon, which charges between 6 percent and 15 percent per item for a referral fee.
New seller protections include reducing the impact of not getting paid for items.
“Over the coming months, to reduce the occurrence of unpaid items, eligible fixed price, Best Offer and Buy It Now items will continue to be available for sale until a buyer commits and/or pays,” eBay states. “If you do get an unpaid item, you can file a case as early as two days after the item sold.”
Moreover, buyer feedback on a transaction with an eBay Buyer Protection case will be removed when the case is found in your favor.
“For most of our sellers the complexity of our fees were keeping them from being on eBay and preventing them from having full transparency into their profitability from selling on eBay,” said Michael Jones, eBay vice president of merchant development.
“There will be some sellers who will pay a little bit more on eBay, but most sellers will be impacted positively by this.”

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