iPhone 5S: Authorizing Mobile Payments with Your Fingerprint?

iPhone 5S: Authorizing Mobile Payments with Your Fingerprint?The latest report on the next iPhone could be a big step up for mobile payments, with the potential to buy something and authenticate the transaction with a press of your fingerprint.
The China Times is reporting that the next iPhone, which is likely to be called the iPhone 5S, will have near-field communication technology (NFC) and a fingerprint sensor, according to a story by AppleInsider.com
Apple will likely launch the next iPhone in June or July.
The NFC chip allows for payments with a wave or nearby positioning over a store’s checkout sensoring device. But the most unique feature would be the ability for an iPhone user to authorize payment with the user’s fingerprint, according to the report.
Fingerprint sensors on iPhones has been rumored since last summer, when Apple acquired the mobile security company AuthenTec for $356 million. AuthenTec designs fingerprint sensors and other mobile-security products.
The latest iPhone models already offer an e-wallet-type app dubbed Passbook. It stores a user’s boarding passes, loyalty cards, coupons and movie tickets in one place. Items stored in Passbook require QR codes for scanning.
Apple’s iPhone models were the most widely sold smartphones in the United States last year, but Android-powered handsets were not too far behind. Samsung’s widely anticipated debut of its Galaxy S4 Thursday is expected to become the biggest single-smartphone threat to the current iPhone 5 and the upcoming iPhone 5S.

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