Selling Goods from 'Empowered' Women-Owned Businesses to Sell Goods from 'Empowered' Women-Owned Businesses Walmart is providing a line of products from small, women-owned businesses on its website, offering shoppers more than 200 items from 19 businesses in nine countries, the nation’s largest retailer announced today.
The unique products will help create new jobs and improve communities through the new campaign, Empowering Women Together.  Product categories include apparel and accessories; food; crafts and other home items; jewelry; photo cards and books; and a variety of other specialty goods.
“Customers can help these suppliers increase their incomes, better their lives and create new jobs for others, and Walmart can help these suppliers gain experience with buying trends, scaling, product development and acumen they need to build their businesses,” said Andrea Thomas, senior vice president, Walmart.
The small-business owners share inspiring stories and challenges that include poverty, lack of education, domestic abuse and physical limitations.
Joy Ndungutse, an entrepreneur in Rwanda, and many women like her around the world, will get the opportunity to begin or greatly expand their access to shoppers in America, Walmart said.
From under a tree in a remote village in Rwanda, Ndungutse and her sister founded Gahaya Links after the 1994 Rwanda genocide that left over 1 million dead,.
“We organized about 20 women with a vision of empowering them to enhance their weaving skills, to be able to earn an income, and live adequately by community standards.” said Joy Ndungutse. “Today we are a growing network of over 4,000 women, the majority of whom are genocide survivors and are organized in cooperatives throughout Rwanda.
Her partnership with Full Circle Exchange, the non-profit organization, and opportunities via Empowering Women Together, “gives hope to many families in Rwanda and we are so grateful,” she said.
Empowering Women Together is also dedicated to helping U.S.-based women-owned businesses grow and expand their distribution. Nine of the initial 19 Empowering Women Together businesses are U.S. based.
From an initial $500 investment and two employees, Women’s Bean Project has grown to employ hundreds with an operating budget of more than of $2 million and products that include salsa mixes, spice rubs, coffee beans, soups, chili, gift baskets and jewelry.
“Women’s Bean Project does more than produce great merchandise; it teaches women job readiness and life skills, and helps them with their basic needs to build a better life – that’s what has fueled our success,” said Tamra Ryan, CEO of Women’s Bean Project.
Walmart’s initial partners for Empowering Women Together include Full Circle Exchange and Global Goods Partners.

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