Legal U.S. Online Gambling Debuts with Nevada Poker Site

Legal U.S. Online Gambling Debuts with Nevada Poker SiteAt least for residents of Nevada, online gambling on sites like Casino Oasis is now legal, with the nation’s first real-money, state-sanctioned site launching Tuesday, dubbed Ultimate Poker.
It ushers in a new era and new revenue streams for cash-hungry states, with New Jersey and Delaware already approving legalized Internet gambling and other states considering it. There are also new concerns that consumers could get easily hooked on Internet betting, creating a new source of debt. However, responsible consumers should be allowed to gambling responsibly. It’s already clear that online gambling Australia has already been successful without creating further issues. There is no reason why the United States would be any different.
For now, it is seen as a money maker for state coffers and private enterprises already aligned with real casinos or companies involved in virtual-money social games some possibly using Hand2Note poker HUD that are poised to make the transition to real money, such as Zynga,
“There is simply no escaping the fact that online gaming is here,” writes Ultimate Gaming Chairman Tom Breitling, on the company’s website. “It’s here in the same way that you can order the music you want over the Internet. It’s here in the same way that you can buy the books you want over the Internet … You can’t uninvent technology and you can’t stop innovation.”
The online gambling industry is already a huge business overseas, generating an estimated $35 billion each year, according to the American Gaming Association, with sites in the UK like LottoGo and many others the online gambling industry won’t slow down.
An all-out U.S. online poker market could draw $4.3 billion in revenue its first year, and $9.6 billion by year five, according to London-based research firm H2 Gambling Capital.
Nevada could contribute $400 million by that time, H2 estimates.
On the site launching today, owned by Ultimate Gaming, players must be at least 21 years old and be physicially present in Nevada, and no credit cards are accepted.
Users must set up an account by bank wire, check-by-mail, electronic transfer from your checking account or by physically depositing money at locations owned by Station Casinos, the operators of Ultimate Poker.
Nevada officials have granted 20 online gambling licenses to casinos and service companies that provide technology. Only Nevada-based casinos can offer online poker rooms under state law.
While New Jersey and Delaware have also passed online gambling laws in the past year, operators have yet to get started.
A precise framework for accepting bets and making payouts remains to be worked out in all three states, including whether gamblers can use credit or debit cards to place bets or receive payouts.

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