Postcard from Independent Foreclosure Review is Not a Scam, AG Alert Says

Postcard from Independent Foreclosure Review is Not a Scam, AG Alert SaysThe postcards from Rust Consulting informing eligible borrowers of a pending payment for foreclosure “deficiencies” are real and not part of a scam or junk mail, Oklahoma’s attorney general said in a special alert after getting calls from confused recipients.
The postcards are from the administrator of the Independent Foreclosure Review, hired by U.S. bank regulators to disperse payouts in a settlement reached in January with more than a dozen mortgage servicers, including affiliates of the largest U.S. banks.
“The Attorney General’s Office has received dozens of calls from residents confused about the settlement and the postcards they received from ‘Rust Consulting,’ believing the cards were part of a scam,” stated a press release from the office of Oklahoma Attorney General E. Scott Pruitt.
The AG’s office also had to clarify that the postcards are not related to the National Mortgage Settlement, the other ongoing compensation agreement with lenders that was reached early last year.
Most of the postcards were mailed out March 18 to 4.2 million eligible borrowers who will receive amounts ranging from hundreds of dollars to $125,000, depending on the severity of the deficient foreclosure action taken in 2009 and 2010.
“Only Rust Consulting will contact you regarding your check or to request additional information if required to process your payment,” the card states. “If you have any questions, you may call toll free at 1-888-952-9105…”
The checks or request for additional information will be received within four to eight weeks, the postcard said.
It also provides the website addresses to the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the two regulators overseeing the $9.3 billion settlement.
A spokesman for the OCC told eCreditDaily that payouts would begin this month.
The Fed has already warned on its website that consumers should watch out for scams mentioning the settlement. “Beware of anyone who asks you to call a different phone number than the number above or to pay a fee to receive a payment under the agreement,” the Fed states.
The mortgage servicers that are part of the Independent Foreclosure Review settlement are: Aurora, Bank of America, Citibank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, MetLife Bank, Morgan Stanley, PNC, Sovereign, SunTrust, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo.

121 thoughts on “Postcard from Independent Foreclosure Review is Not a Scam, AG Alert Says

  • April 3, 2013 at 4:27 pm

    I will believe it when I see it.,…”show me the money”

  • April 3, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    Got my post card and called them…its real. I am positive that the amount Aurora cost me is not going to be the amount they send though!!

  • April 3, 2013 at 5:16 pm

    I called them too. I got no info just told me to keep watching the website.

  • April 3, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    This is an example of how the money will be distributed…
    It took me about 20min to juggle the numbers, it will take OCC two to create the spin that the consumers are not being screwed…
    Category Number Affected Amout Total Payments in Category
    0 1000 $150,000.00 $150,000,000.00
    1 6000 $125,000.00 $750,000,000.00
    2 10000 $60,000.00 $600,000,000.00
    3 20000 $15,000.00 $300,000,000.00
    4 48000 $5,000.00 $240,000,000.00
    5 64000 $3,000.00 $192,000,000.00
    6 88000 $2,000.00 $176,000,000.00
    7 124000 $1,000.00 $124,000,000.00
    8 240000 $750.00 $180,000,000.00
    9 350000 $500.00 $175,000,000.00
    10 3250000 $250.00 $812,500,000.00
    Total: 4200000 $3,549,500,000.00
    This was SB post last month reposting and praying for all of us.

  • April 3, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    Has anyone received any further information? A check? I called the number and the lady spoke hardly any English and was reading a script. She had no additional information.

  • April 3, 2013 at 7:34 pm

    Michelle, I also called today and got the same information… THE SAME SCRIPT read to me. He also had no further information. I even asked what category or # I fall in (NO ANSWER).

  • April 3, 2013 at 8:45 pm

    Calling Rust Consulting is a joke. Aside from getting your personal information, the people on the phone (even though nice) are not informed AT ALL about anything. The 5-6 times I have called, each person was as bright as a brown bulb. Everyone is pointing fingers at Rust to be the go to people for questions, but in all reality, it should be the OCC. I dont know how many times Bryan Hubbard (OCC spokesman) has said in countless interviews that the numbers are still being determined. Those numbers have been determined long ago, otherwise checks would not be in the mail in a few weeks. Why he is hiding those numbers, I dont know, but the checks will either stink or be so sweet that they dont want the uproar of either end of that spectrum to blow up on them too soon. Good luck to all though. I hope we get what we deserve.
    Plus, is there any information on the internet regarding the national mortgage settlement. I have found NOTHING about anything other than the last update they made on the website on feb 19. Are they mailing out that check after this one or what? What is that amount going to be.

  • April 3, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    @chris. I thought this was the same thing as the national mortgage settlement. Are these two separate decisions? Will I receive 2 separate checks?

  • April 3, 2013 at 9:38 pm

    I guess I will still keep checking here daily to see if anyone’s received anything. Some lady on another website posted that she received 1500 from countrywide… Idk if any of this is true. I’m still having a hard time believing all this. My loan was through Aurora and I was foreclosed on. I never got approved for a mod and no paperwork was ever mailed. I just kept getting denied over the phone and no one ever offered me anything.

  • April 3, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    I figure the people we’re talking to is nothing more than an answering service hired by Rust to field calls. For two years I worked nights and weekends at an answering service and we answered for all kind of businesses and firms for all over tbe country. We were given limited information and scripts and most of the time not allowed to say we were an answering service. We had to pretend we worked for the company. One call might be from a mother calling about a sick child needing to talk to an on-call ped, or someone calling a plumbera saying their sewage backing up into their house, and then the next call might be from someone reporting a found dog with a tracking chip. It’s hard pretending you work for a place you know anythingnothing about while trying not to sound stupid. Yesterday when I called I sort of asked her if was an answering service and she just laughed and said Im glad you understand.

  • April 3, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    My mortgage was with Citi Bank and they were so very nice to me during the whole process but they did lose my paperwork that they requested from me in order to do the modification, and always assured me that it was being worked on noy to worry but it would take several months to process. When 2 months went by I called to check on things and thats when I was told they couldn’t find my paperwork the 1st time. Well long story short up until the day that the house went to Sherrif sale they told me they were going to stop the sale and not to worry. THEY LIED WE WERE SUMMONS TO LEAVE THE PREMISES within a month. So im ready to get what I deserve after trying my best to keep my home. Good luck to everyone & God bless!!

  • April 3, 2013 at 11:56 pm

    @Gloria, Yes they are two separate settlements that you will be getting a check for. The national mortgage settlement ( check is in a window of $840-2000 that was for bad robo signing practices. This $9.7 billion settlement was a new hybrid of a deal stemming from the original independent foreclosure review ( I hope another train of settlements just rides this way with another 80 deals to pay the people. lol…Lets hope the lawyers reading this smile and go “what a great idea”

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:30 am

    With all the hurt and damage to my credit, I need about $30,000 and clean credit report. I tried to apply for a loan and it said on my credit report, “Starting foreclosure proceedings” and I wasn’t out of the house and I hadn’t missed a payment at that time.

  • April 4, 2013 at 4:51 am

    Yes, there are two separate settlements. One is the Independent Foreclosure Review settlement
    which was brought on by the federal government against the banks lending and foreclosure practices. Notices were sent to forclosed borrowers to have their loans reviewed. You could submit a claim online or mail. The other one is the National Mortgage Settlement. This was initiated by the attorneys general of 40 states to the federal government to investigate the banks practices. The IFR settled with the federal government and that is why we received the postcards around March 18th. We should get checks this month (April) from the IFR fund which will range from several hundred dollars to possibly $125,000. The Nat’l Mortgage settlement checks are supposed to come out mid year 2013. These checks will range from no less than $840 if every one who was eligible submitted a claim. So the checks could be larger. If you sent claims in for both settlements you will receive 2 separate checks. Also, there will not be an offset.

  • April 4, 2013 at 5:42 am

    @ Chris…you are so right, the OCC is “hiding” behind Rust. So much anger is building simply because we aren’t stupid enough to buy the OCC’s story that the money amounts have not yet been determined. Not one person who has posted on these blogs are upset by the “timing” of the payment – we’re upset because we KNOW they have determined what we’ll be paid but are keeping this information from us. One has to wonder if they don’t have the resources (people) available to key into Rusts system the amounts we are going to be paid. 12 data entry people could have those numbers keyed into 4 million records in 4 days tops, but paying those data entry people who take away from RUST’S PROFITS!! I think the backlash from the tiny payements will get will be elevated ONLY due to the fact we had from 3/18/2013 to the end of April to build up steam and speculate thanks to the OCC’s little game of “I know but you don’t know”

  • April 4, 2013 at 7:02 am

    The scam is the payout amount. Of course the postcard is real.

  • April 4, 2013 at 7:29 am

    In the Request for Review form, each homeowner was asked to “describe any other way I believe that I may have been financially injured as a result of the mortgage foreclosure process.” It was the only open-ended question in the review form, and offered the only opportunity to describe the impact of the process on our lives. My entire life savings, and my credit, were destroyed.
    While I remain confident that the foreclosure process itself was performed in a legal fashion, we are left to consider how little mercy we may expect to find in a market that is largely deregulated. The real lesson we must face is that it is now legal for mortgage lenders, and those who are able to purchase a home, to strip all equity from another homeowner without any consideration for the material or social cost to our culture.
    That is the forest no one wants to acknowledge — everyone would prefer to talk about the cost of maintaining the yards, and the trees, and the local property taxes. Send your story to those who will serve on the committees and define the laws.
    Use the template hosted at to tell your story.

  • April 4, 2013 at 10:38 am

    Do your homework people. Only 250K people filled out the required financial information out of the 4.3 million. So technically this should be a very easy process for Rust to complete. The real question is what will the average amount be? With 4.3 million the average was $1,800. @ 250K the avg. jumps to $15,000!!!

  • April 4, 2013 at 10:59 am

    @Anthony, 622k people signed up by the deadline not 250k

  • April 4, 2013 at 12:03 pm

    @anthony and chris — according to the people at Rust and all the current info it no longer matters if you completed the review request or not. Once they terminated the Indepentdent review EVERYONE who was foreclosed during the given dates (2009-2010) are included. The number I think is around 4.4 mil for around 9billion (don’t hold me to this figures).

  • April 4, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    @Carol–This is what I heard. That the process was getting too out of control and inefficient so they did away with the one-by-one reviews of all the people that actually submitted their paperwork and instead are just dividing the settlement up evenly. While I don’t begrudge anyone getting a payment if they were robo-foreclosed, I think the people that took the time to document and submit the evidence should be compensated at a higher rate.

  • April 4, 2013 at 1:13 pm

    Yes, I applied early on and have been waiting nearly 2 years for a result. To compensate people who have not applied is unfair to those of us who have done exactly what we have been asked to do through this entire process.

  • April 4, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    Ok, I think I’m going crazy. Anyone have an idea what I will get? I ask this because I recall getting a letter in the mail about the IFR. I know now because I found it underneath 100s of papers in my shred pile. I do remember filling something out and sending it back in HOWEVER, I also remember getting some in the mail saying “I don’t qualify.” But the problem, I can’t remember who that was from and I can’t find that piece of paper.
    BUT I did get a postcard. So I have no clue. But I do have the orginal IFR letter I got in the mail. There isn’t a date on it, it just says to mail back that form by December 31, 2012.
    The letter says:
    “Step 3: Your request will be evaluated to confirm eligibility for the IFR. (Review by an independent consulant.)
    Step 4: Your request will be reviewed to determine if financial injury occurred because of errors, misrepresentation, or other deficiencies in the foreclosure process.
    Your bank will provide relevant documents along with findings or recommendations related to your request for review to the independent consulant for review. The review may take several months. You will receive a letter with the findings of the review and information about possible compensation or other remedy.”
    That was word for word. I have two questions.
    1. Did anyone received anything back?
    2. Did anyone received any “letter or findings” besides the postcard?
    For me, I got a postcard, but I also thought I received a letter back saying they didn’t find anything but I can’t confirm and I can’t find the letter, but I got a postcard. Ugh……..Help!!!

  • April 4, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    First of all Olpueble some of us did not receive the form from our servicer which was Litton loan mortgage due to they did not submit any forms to the borrowers,they are listed as one of the servicers on this foreclosure review list so to your comment it is not our fought we all went through the foreclosure proceedings and losing homes and was stuck with the credit damage,but I can say I did pull my credit report and the damage is being corrected showing paid as agreed,and 0 balance,God is good so good luck to everyone

  • April 4, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    yes Eric, I did receive letter from IFR telling me I did qualify. I want to know how they can do an honest review of us without any complaints? I also dont like the idea that the bank is now reviewing everything I sumitted showing where my bank caused my problem. I filed bankrupcy, surrendered my home, yet the bank has not taken any of the actions to assume responsibility for the property. It has sat empty in florida nearly 3 years rotting away. Im praying I see justice.

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    @Olpueble I never received a IFR form as those with Saxon Mortgage and Litton were added to this later. So to say that we deserve less is unfair as we did not get a chance to even make our plea. I do however understand your frustration.

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Warren, I was a Florida victim as well. Lost my job and my house. This “$250.00” that is floating around is a joke. I can’t way to see who gets what when we go to our respective mailboxes. I need about $30,000 and a clean credit report. This is costing me and several others tens of thousands of dollars. I got my score up enough to refiance an old used car I bought because old one died at 187,000 miles. But Alabama gave me 6.99% on a car loan because of the foreclosure. I think the state max is 8%. I finally got a refiance at 4.05% which saved me about $4000 for the life of the loan. I can’t get a house loan, I can’t do much of anything else.

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    @ Pamela, if you never filed any paperwork, then how can your review be fair and just? They gave people from April to Dec. to file the report. They added everyone else after the Dec. deadline and only about 450,000 filing for review. Dont you think it would be fair to handle our paperwork now and ask you to file “something” to see if you qualify as we had to do? I think people need to be responsible for themselves. This review was all over the news for months and months!!

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:49 pm

    Oh, I might add, my attorney said it would take a few years to find anything out. He also said I had a great case against the bank but they had much deeper pockets than I do! I would love to see a class action suit, for I would love to join in even if the attorney gots a few million off of us,it would be worth it to put a stop to these banks doing this to innocent people!

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:50 pm

    @Warren, I do understand what you are saying but I too have been victimized in this foreclosure mess and feel that I shouldnt be penalized because the OCC cant get their mess straight. I would have glady filled out a form if I had gotten one. Why Saxon and Litton was not in the beginning process I have no idea.

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:52 pm

    @Warren, I dont know how they are going to figure this all out since we never got a chance to prove what happened to us.

  • April 4, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    @ Pam, I think this is a smoke screen, buying time so we wont sue the pants off them. We need to get together and practice some good ole American traditions….UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. We need to go after all these banks as a group!! JMO

  • April 4, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    @ Warren, I agree!

  • April 4, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    Lets start our own Org. if we dont get results soon. Imagine…. if we get 1 million people together, Thats only 25% of what the fed says were harmed. And what if each of us put up 10 bucks each. Thats 10 million dollars to hire an attorney group. Im sure we could find a “few” good attorneys in this great country who would love to make some money and fund justice for us. we got power in numbers!!!

  • April 4, 2013 at 4:23 pm

    Perhaps Facebook or some other media site of the like would be a way to at least put all of us in touch with one another should we want to band together.

  • April 4, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    So… I got the postcard also, which is why I am here looking for information… I went thru bankruptcy in 2009 – and gave up the house! Bank of America holds my mortgage. About a year later a process server came to the door with notice they were foreclosing. I decided it was time to leave – Now that is two years ago… they have never foreclosed, My name is still on that house, I never got any answers when I would try to call them, just every once in awhile I would get Fedex pkgs about this or that with return Fedex envelopes… they probably could have paid off my mortgage for the amount of money they’ve spent on stupid paperwork! I just want my name off of that house and to never have to deal with Bank of America again!

  • April 4, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    @unknown from OHIO I agree! Facebook Site would be a great Idea… Lets start one! I think were gonna need to pull together for this one.

  • April 4, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    I’ve been on this blog since Friday and I can see that tensions and frustrations are getting higher and higher. I think sending the postcard with no information was worse than getting no information at all. It seemed to just open old wounds. After reading posts last night about foreclosures being removed from credit reports I checked my credit report and it is no longer on mine. Actually I don’t know for sure it ever was, but I can’t imagine it wasn’t — either way the only thing showing up now is the bankruptcy. Have y’all checked your credit reports? I went on and could only get the credit score for Experian without paying $32 and they had the score very low. Later I went to get my husbands and it sent me to and it gave me my whole credit report with scores for all three for $1. I went back and did mine again so I could get all three scores and It also showed my Experian score 40 points higher!! The higher score was what I thought it was. Im wondering if the higher one was an updated score after the foreclosure was taken off. Any thoughts for anyone else what the 40 point difference would be?

  • April 4, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I just spoke with rusting consulting today. Checks are being mailed out in batches as of now until June. So some are going to be waiting long than others. If the checks are already going out, why hasn’t the breakdown been published yet? I don’t understand this thought process, so those that do get their checks first post what you received so we know what were dealing with and how to proceed from there.

  • April 4, 2013 at 6:10 pm

    i got a check from country wide about a year ago 117.00 $ never knew what it was for my loan was robo signed at david sterns office , they auctiuoned off my house and got a judgement at the courthouse for me and they never deducted what thay got for the sale of the house . i had to file chapter 7 to be rid of it i wish i didnt even get a postcard cause if i end up getting 1-2-3 hundred bux i’d rather not be all antisipating the stress and anxiety was leaving my life ,, now this hopeless postacard , i could use $$$ to help pay the 1800 i had to pay for chapter 7

  • April 4, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    With regards to breakdown, I have what they are suppose to be paying out. The problem is figuring out which one applies to me. I should be getting anywhere from 30 to 125 grand. Then we got to figure out how not to pay taxes on money we already have paid income taxes on once already. Count me in on the facebook page.

  • April 4, 2013 at 6:45 pm

    Count me in also on a facebook page. Rust consulting told me today that checks will be issued in batches and the lady I spoke with told me she did not know how the batches were determined but everyone that is eligible will have a check by end of June. I was with HSBC and for 6 months tried to do a short sale but everything my attorney sent to them somehow was never received (even though everything was sent certified and we had receipts) and then the house went up for sheriff sale and we lost it. Does anyone know what category this would fall under? The lady at Rust told me that she could not give out the category information.
    I agree we need to ban together and stand United. Our credit is ruined, families have been torn apart and just the stress and anquish we all endured for years can never be given back to us so we should at least get compensated for pain and suffering.
    Count me in to ban together.

  • April 4, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    I think its time to name the Face Book Page. My suggestion would be something like “Save The American Dream” I have several ideas about how to go about hiring attorneys, how to demand a speedy trial. I am even thinking jury trials so our peers will decide the outcome.. We are Americans, we have the best system in the world!! I think we can make a huge statement to the disgruntled people of America that the system still works if we use it correctly. And lets not forget…..NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS until its time to hire out attorneys TOO MANY CROOKS OUT HERE….WE NEED TO BE HONEST AMERICANS!!

  • April 4, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    @Warren….how about United Main St of America, I’ve been wanting to start a page like that for a while. But how ever its done, it needs to be as strong a message like the tea party folks made their case out to be ! We should be asking all laywers (especially the new ones in the field) to join the group and wage a court war against the banks on behalf of the american public. I’ll throw down my $ part. Anyone who lost their home that should not have should be given a new home, that simple. Keep the money, just give me my home back.
    Heck they made $32 billion dollars last year just in overdraft fees! Any money, no matter how large is always just a drop in the bucket for banks. So I’m on board ppl.

  • April 4, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    I was told that a postcard was mailed to me but I did not receive it. I was given all info on the phone. At this point I do not know what amount I will get. I am with Chase and they refused to modify my loan. They want to foreclose on me next month. Chase is notable for telling lies. I am looking for a good lawyer also. Count me in.

  • April 4, 2013 at 10:47 pm

    A facebook page would be nice. It is really time all of us who have gotten screwed over band together and finally really get something done! We are getting no where with this, and even if we all individually sued our respective mortgage companies their lawyers would laugh us all out of court and whatever lawyers we hired taking us for what little money we do have left (if any!).
    After being screwed over by chase and being dumb enough to file for bankruptcy to save the house we were only further screwed by our bankruptcy lawyer. They are now garnishing about 90% of our pay. Mainly because of loopholes chase was able to continually sue us every couple of months since the bankruptcy started in ’09 the latest was them claiming they want more for our escrow account when our taxes actually went DOWN. They have just been pocketing over $700 a year since the bankruptcy started and now they will get even more while our lawyer keeps claiming they have to do more work so they too want more money so we lose to chase, cant afford to hire a new lawyer and our lawyer is able to keep charging us thousands of dollars as well.
    The only thing stopped me from burning my house down (aside from not being a criminal and being afraid the fire would spread to neighbors) and mailing chase the ashes to chase right after converting the bankruptcy to chapter 7 is that we only have 1 more year of this to go. Financially I have no clue how we are going to survive another year this. And being as we cant even fight whatever the results of this are my faith in all of this is we all will be getting a check for $100 regardless what our mortgage companies did to us and we wont even see that till June!

  • April 4, 2013 at 11:16 pm

    @Nikki – I’m so sorry for what you have and are still going thru. It’s criminal what these banks are doing to hard working, tax paying Americans. Their CEOs are getting million dollar bonuses, driving expensive cars and living in mansions while we can barely put food on the table – not to mention the pain and embarrassment we’ve gone thru. They’ve turned the American dream from owning a house for your children to grow up in to hoping and praying you can keep a roof over their heads. This is not what our forefathers had in mind for citizens of this country. I normally wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but part of me hopes the people responsible for what’s happened to all of us gets a taste of the new “American Dream”. Again Nikki, I’m so sorry for what you’re going thru and I hope you get a huge check to help you get
    out from under some of your stress.

  • April 4, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    UNBELiEVEABLE!! I just went to HSBC’s web page to see if they had any new information and I noticed they have a whole page on helping people who may be having difficulties with their payments. On the FAQ section someone asked if they can get help if they know they are about to have financial problems. Their answer was basically yes, just call them as soon as possible (when I did that they said they couldn’t do anything until we were at least 60 days late). They went on to tell about how caring they are and all the ways they are there to help. I then went to “” and saw recent complaints about how they wouldn’t do anything to help when they got behind. I guess a tiger never loses his stripes.

  • April 5, 2013 at 12:07 am

    I received a postcard like most people here. I had Litton Loan and unfortunately, I never received any form to fill out that people are talking about. I also agree, why should it be my fault if I didn’t receive any paperwork? Litton strung me along for months saying I was getting a modification and then in the end still foreclosed. They never returned phone calls. If I was lucky and managed to get through to Loss Mitigation they always said that they were still working on my file. I was told to re-send paperwork 3 times because it was lost. But, biggest thing was they told me my loan mod was going to be approved and they STILL foreclosed on the house. Once the house was foreclosed on, I was depressed, etc and I moved out of state, trying to rebuild my life and putting the memory of my home in the past. Then by some chance I get this postcard. I was foreclosed on in CA and they found me in NY. I don’t know how considering I never applied for credit after my foreclosure. I have been working on my credit repair for awhile now and I was excited when I found my foreclosure gone. i figured it was from my disputing but looks like it was from this settlement. In, the end though this cost me jobs, equity, my home, my credit. I was homeless for awhile etc. So I believe that I should be entitled to something not because I didn’t send in a survey.

  • April 5, 2013 at 3:00 am

    I lost my job in 2009 and began to fall behind on my mortgage I called Bof A right away to see if there was anything I could do before I fell way behind. I was told I couldn’t qualify for any programs because I didn’t make enough money. Two months later I was told I was sent a an agreement for a trail payment, which I never received. After being sent to at least 4 depts. and talking to several people I was told because I missed a payment on the trial payment I didn’t qualify for a modification, wth! I never received the trial payment. I re-applied for a loan modification two months later after I received a part time job and I was told I made to much to qualify. I have sent so many financial documents to B of A so many times and I have never that they never received. I have never qualified for one program to avoid foreclosure. Finally after a year of trying to work with the Bank they put me on a 1 year re-payment plan plus I had to pay their lawyer fees, late fee charges and a good faith payment of the one monthsorgage and one month of the repayment plan up front “thousands of dollars” I made my payments on time every month and two months before I made my last payment on this agreement the bank sent me a foreclosure notice and an auction date! I even had a man come out and put a notice on my house! I immediately wrote a letter to OCC, my congressman, the president and multiple news outlets and cced Bank of America on all the mail and emails. Three days before my homes auction date I received a notice from Bank of America that the sale was stopped and no further action was taken, I receieved a newly filled deed to our house. These Banks are crooks and if the IFR was actually completed and the banks would be exposed as thieves! In my case breech of contract, robo foreclosure, erroneous fees and blocking me from a loan modification!
    I’m just thankful I didn’t lose my home. but i know the frustration so many of you are going through. The little bit of money that will be distributed to us will never pay for the amount of stress, depression and uncertainty my family went through. My house is worth $155,000 and I owe $280, 000 was it worth saving, Probably not! These banks need to be exposed, I am so in for a fight…count me in in a lawsuit against these banks.

  • April 5, 2013 at 4:32 am

    @Carol…keep pulling your credit reports. For four years my credit report was clean of any balance due on my foreclosed mortgage as it was included in my discharged ch. 13 bk…and then…. 10 days, yes 10 days, before it was to be completely removed from my report, the mortgage servicer (JPMC) with malice and intent of fraud, put the discharged balance BACK ON my report after 4 whole years!! Needless to say, this is a bankruptcy injunction violation, and my attorney is right on it!! So JPMC has told our gov’t officials that they have stopped their predatory crap…bull!! They have NOT stopped their illegal attacks on consumers – this just happened 6 weeks ago!! If a facebook page is made up for all of us, it should have a name similiar to what we all keyed into our search engines when we went looking for information. I keyed “independent foreclosure review” in my search engine – so that should be in the name – like independent foreclosure scam – etc…

  • April 5, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Mary I totally understand what you are going through with Bank of America. My foreclosure started because of an issue with our paperwork from the beginning with a shared well and the fact it was on the neighbors property, whom we purchased our house from. When we found out we didn’t have an easement after they shut off the water, we were out of water and no way to drill another well on our property due to the water not going through our lot. After having an attorney and fighting to try to get something from B of A to state this was a short term situation, they started to foreclose on us. After many different people telling us conflicting information, they told us that since we didnt lose a job, we don’t qualify for any type of modification, they told me on the phone we had to move out. Since I couldn’t get a straight answer from anyone, I did what I thought was best for my family and moved. I still attempted to fight for the house for the past two and a half years being denied every time we attempted to modify. As of yesterday, the bank has now stated my house is no longer in foreclosure and I owe 38 months of payments, which doesnt make sense since I paid up until 26 months ago. Oh and the first person I talked to stated that my house was in the process of modification. When I asked him who started the process for the modification, he hung up on me. Obviously, they haven’t learned their lesson over this at all

  • April 5, 2013 at 9:47 am

    What would rectify the situation for me is to give me my dream home back!!!!!

  • April 5, 2013 at 11:31 am

    @SB/Dave-Regarding your calculations thank you for detailing that out! The question that remains is of the 4.2 million people we don’t know who is going to receive payment/assistance and from which pot’o funds, correct? Aren’t some of the people still in their homes trying to modify or keep them? I thought That was what the other 5 Billion dollars was for. Perhaps I have misunderstood something.

  • April 5, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Ours started in 2008 , my husband was laid off and I was put off of work for a medical issue . I called EVERYONE of our creditors and all were very friendly . We applied for mod and was told we did not have an income , unemployment was not an income because it wasn’t long term ? I said neither is a job , but you take that as income . We contacted ESOP , in Ohio to help with the process because it was such a task . They turned out just as bad as Wells Fargo , losing paperwork ,faxing to wrong number , we don’t qualify and so on . We filed bankruptcy in 2008 , but did not file on the house , in the mean time everhome mortgage sold our loan to WF , never notifying us ,our attorney or anyone , we just got a payment book from WF . When we called they said they was our new servicer and that payments need to be made to them , I advised them of our situation and they stated that they are always here to help just fax in documents they would mail a list . I got the list and they wanted marriage cert birth cert of all in family SS cards for all monthly bills references numbers to work pay stubs tax forms original loan documents just all sorts of crazy items . Long story sorry , , they would never get what they wanted , items were notarized faxed from a UPS store , so you know how much that was all in total 21 TIMES , this is not including emails cert mail ups fed x . I have over 150 emails to ESOP and WF . I have 59 receipts that were mailed faxed ups or fedx . We were given a trial mod and made payments for 3 months , they said we never had one then we did it again , again never had one this went on for over 2 years . They said we never qualified for anything . Then my husband goes back to work and I get my pension , so we are back on track and have a leg to stand on , right ? WRONG . We owed 57000.00 on our home and lived there for 15 years , so we had most of it paid off (29000.00 was fees they tacked on , checking to see if we lived there , saying they mowed , but we still lived there , fees for talking to me on the phone , fees to put a notice on my mail box , fees to take pics , fees to knock in the door ) So we figured if we could get these fees off , we could make it work . I tried one more time , but this time I did my research , I found the number to WF president , I contacted my congressman and president Obama and all got copies of what I sent , ok I am so ready for the fight .( everyone know that this is mentally and physically exhausting) . So I talk to a lady and she tells me she is the WF president secretary and she is more then willing to help , she is sorry but I need to overnight all the paperwork again ( I am now smart and know they lose it , I have copies upon copies of this paperwork ) I sound discouraged , but tell her I am willing to mail these , but the fees are killing and I want them to consider all the fees I have paid into this mod . This is now 2010 and we have had foreclosure papers 4 times , with one sale date but postponed after I talk to the presidents office . She takes all work calls when she gets it , we go through paperwork over the phone and tells me oh my dear you should have been modified years ago , sigh of relief finally someone is listening ! She says it will take a few months but all proceedings will cease , ok I said , she said you may get paperwork , but we are not in the same state and we are not on same computer system , they have no access to my files , I think ok shady but oh well . She called me everyday for two weeks going through my paperwork , I need this and that and she would let me email them . It is now 2011 and we have a weight lifted , my husband says just screw it im done , i’m like no just one more time . We are looking for housing in the mean time . We get a letter from the sheriff for the sale and I am just beside myself , I call just never mind it your mod is almost done , I think you are really going to like this we did everything we could to keep you in your home , because frankly , we do not want it , I’m like good we do . Well it goes to court and WF never shows up to defend the foreclosure , I call and she says oh that’s strange I have never heard of that . So we get paperwork saying that WF never showed and they have 60 days to appeal the decision of the court , which was they were throwing the case out of court and they would have to start the proceedings over again . You guessed it 59 days later , they file again , I am confused and I call again and ask what is going on PLEASE . She said she was glad I called she was on vacation and that she overnighted the mod and that I should get it today , I’m like sweet ok I said can you give me details please , she said no , I cant but I can say you will be please . I get the package and I open it I am shaking , I just know it worked out . Now the original terms of our loan , 363.00 per month with 15000.00 down taxes insurance included and no PMI , we lived her for 15 years with a rate of 3.15 % . New terms 40 year mortgage (we would have been 92 and 90 when paid off) with a rate of 6.25 % PMI insurance payment 927.00 a month with a total pay off of 98000.00 , that was all the late charges and fees in the loan , but we could pay those up front is we liked , it is illegal to waive late fees and maintained fees , she says LOL . She thought I would be please ? Yeah , so we found a house we live in now , way cheaper payment and our home sold for 11000.00 last October , after the crack heads and meth heads gutted it , WF locked us out while we were still living there and WF got a big 71000.00 check from the insurance company from the damage done to the home ! And we were left homeless , we stayed with family for 2 weeks while we finished the house and replaced OUR items that were stolen and never replaced because insurance didn’t cover us because we didn’t live there , because WF locked us out , but they got theirs that’s for sure 🙁 Sorry so long but I just wanted to share my crazy story and say START THAT CLASS ACTION I AM IN !!!!!!!!

  • April 5, 2013 at 11:42 am

    Oh and I forgot the best part , we get a letter from WF about every other week , please let us help you save your home to foreclosure , try a mod or a short sale , please contact us today !! LMBO I should call and have them help us save it and after 3 years of calls and paperwork , oh you foreclosed on that in 2012 , thanks for the help 🙂

  • April 5, 2013 at 12:17 pm

    @unknown from Ohio.. the framework is still in place But no the other 5.2 billion in funds were not just for those still in their homes its for anyone who was wrongfully foreclosed on it can include a modification but also loan forgiveness and deficiency judgments.
    The problem with the framework is that we have no idea which category we were put under most of the problems we all experienced has no real documented proof just our word against the banks. A lot of misinformation and assumptions has been floating around people are taking other peoples opinions as facts and then spreading them. For the most part we are still very much in the dark as to what is happening. Like I saw people claiming some will not receive payments till June yet I have not found one reliable source claiming this to be true just hearsay and that of an answering service who knows less than we do! Could that be true? Of course but keep in mind that most of what you are hearing is not proven to be true or false. Just keep checking for their crappy pace at keeping us informed.

  • April 5, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    All I have to say now is that it is TOTAL BS that we have no idea what the categories are even paying yet! Why did they hire Rust?? To waste more money!! Their agents don’t help with anything might as well be robots….just like this damn lawsuit. This entire thing needs to be exposed!

  • April 5, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    @Nikki-Thank you and you are absolutely correct, there is a lot of misinformation floating around, and I too urge everyone to keep that in mind. Rust did tell me that they were sending payments in groups and that it could extend into June. The website has not been updated since March 28th, and the FAQ’s since January! Tell me who’s FAQ’s are they? Certainly none of ours because we did not know anything under late March.
    Most people I have talked to tell me I should not obsess about this it is “free money” that I did not know I was getting and should just be happy with what I get. The problem is until researching the review, I had no idea of the corruption and ill regard to the entire process. i did send an email to Sherrod Brown, but i am sure I just sounded like another angry person that lost their house.

  • April 5, 2013 at 12:55 pm

    The review does feel like the biggest scam, along with mortgage companies having the right to come in and take your home away when you are making payments on it. I would say it is one of the biggest scams of the century. Sad to have been taken by it.

  • April 5, 2013 at 1:01 pm

    @hardworkingmom yup but they had no problems pocketing the $20,000 per review (at least I assume it is rust who got that fee I know that was the dollar amount paid per review though). Yet most of us will be lucky to even receive $1,000! But keep in mind that us not knowing is not the same as them not knowing. if they are saying we qualify then they know what category we are under but their findings are permanent we have no way to fight them.
    @Unknown yeah I think we all sound mad, but we SHOULD be mad. These banks have destroyed a lot of our lives for the past couple of years! And to say this is free money is BS.. our taxes paid for this, our mortgage companies robbed us of that money that was ours to begin with etc. I don’t think I am obsessing, being as I doubt I’ll get more than the lowest dollar amount they offer even though the reality is with all the lawyer fees (mine and chases) that I owe, hardship etc the amount should be a LOT higher than the maximum amount they are offering. Which seems to be the case with almost everyone I have come in contact with, in person or online. No I dont think any dollar amount can fix what has been done to us but these banks should have to find some way to make up for what they have done. It may not mean much to them but I will no longer use a big bank ever again all of my account have been transferred over to a local credit union.

  • April 5, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    I have several calls into attorneys today. I have been told basically, good luck finding a attorney that will go up against the banks. Folks, we have numbers. If Casey Anthony can get aquitted, then we can find an attorney to take our case!!! I am not very knowledgeable about computer so I dont know how to protect anonymity. But you know, as long as we can back up what we claim then I dont have a problem with who knows I am part of this movement!! Chris, if you want to start the FB page, I will join in a seconds notice. We can make it grow till June and then go from there. If we see they are just blowing more smoke, then we do what we need to do to protect our futures…

  • April 5, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    The facebook page is a good start just because it will be easy to find but should link to a forum that is set up just for this, Im sure there are free ones and I’ll have a look in a little bit. Forums are just easier to keep track of information and wont get lost as easily as they will on facebook. It should be then broken down into banks being as we cant sue other banks just our own. But no, going after a bank alone would get you no where we NEED to band together. Each group needs to find a lawyer who will take a large class action suit after they find their lawyer that lawyer should set up some type of paypal account (or something similar) that way the funds any of us give will go directly to the lawyer and not into the hands of someone pretending to have suffered looking to rip us off again.

  • April 5, 2013 at 1:15 pm

    Ok folks, I am moving over the the facebook page. My name is Warren Mckee there. Yes, we should divide all of us up into states but for now, lets just build the page….P.S. we americans still got it!!

  • April 5, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    I too will move this to FB, I think we should also figure out a way to “Friend” all of our Congressmen and State Reps so they will see the numbers of voters that are outraged with the shenanigans of the Federal Reserve, OCC, Regulators, Banks, and Consultants utilized for the IFR. JMO

  • April 5, 2013 at 1:43 pm

    Something I’ve noticed is how everyone who calls Rust are told different things. Occasionally someone may misunderstand, but not this many times.

  • April 5, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    I’m the one who said something about the Rust customer service being an answering service/call center, but I don’t know that.. I can tell you for sure that you would be surprised how many times you are talking to an answering service/call center when you think your talking to a specific company — much more often than you think. I’ve answered for companies all over the country when the person on the other line didn’t have a clue. The main reason I said was it is very common practice. If their regular office staff has to answer all these calls they couldn’t get anything else done and two, they are reading from scripts and knows nothing other than what is on them and I’ve been there — AGAIN, I am NOT saying this is the case with Rust. I would be all about a class action suit, but they go on for years and years and years and are almost NEVER resolved. Also, whatever money I receive – whether it is $250 or $25,000 has to go to dig me out of the hole they’ve put me in, get my credit improved and is there is enough I have to start a savings account again. I’m 58 years old and my husband is 60 – I don’t have the time to waste on a CAS or the money to make another attorney rich. For those of you who choose to I wish you the very best and you have all my support!

  • April 5, 2013 at 2:23 pm

    Is it possible for all of us to buy BofA stock all at once and sell it for pennies back, just ruin their value, even if its a one time deal lol. @warren, I have never had a facebook page but will create one when I get home. With 4.2 million of us, thats a lot of brain power, there has got to be some good ideas that will hurt. I’m going to utilize the prepaid legal services I have through my benefits program, I’ll update all on the responses I get.

  • April 5, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    @Carol, I too am closing in on retirement. My home was a investment, its gone now. Fighting back does not have to be a class action suit. That was just an idea. I am asking you a few simple things to consider…One, this payment we are suppose to receive by june, it does not exclude up from seeking other damages. We must understand, we stand 0 chance of winning a dime if we go this alone, we need numbers!! Imagine it we have 1million people paying 10 dollars each for the attorney…thats 10 million dollars to go after these banks with. That would pay the attorney fees and the settlement would be 100% to us!! Just some things to think about……

  • April 5, 2013 at 2:31 pm

    @ chris, scroll back up, there is already a page for us to use…….see you there!!!

  • April 5, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    I’ve joined the Facebook page as Pamela Whitaker-Rollins. I’m all in let’s do this!

  • April 5, 2013 at 3:10 pm

    I have joined the FB crusade as Rachel Williams-calvin . Hope to see you all on FB soon.

  • April 5, 2013 at 4:42 pm

    If you post on that site we can friends request you…I hope to see you there as well.

  • April 5, 2013 at 5:24 pm

    @Nikki- The framework you sited is no longer in effect. The new one has 11 categories, but no amounts assigned as of yet. Not to say it won’t change again, but that is the most current one.

  • April 5, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    @Warren I already liked it , hence why I said to go along with fb. But I find fb to be rather useless for something like this. Posts get lost, real names are used if you want everyone you are friends with on fb to know your financial situation thats fine, I do not feel like broadcasting mine to everyone I know ie: hubbys work friends etc. Yes close friends and family I know are aware of our situation but not everyone is. Everytime you post to something on fb it goes in the fb ticker for everyone you are friends with to see (fb has NO privacy what so ever). Nor is it organised or searchable. If someone joins that page to find info on x they may spend forever scrolling if even 1/4 of the amount of ppl in this settlement join the fb page it will become a nightmare. As I said yes having one is a good way to find something, almost everyone now is on facebook (including my grandparents!) it works for communicating with only a couple of people, not so great for millions of really ticked off people with a LOT to say. That and I just really like organization lol
    @Carol you are correct but it is based on the framework and apparently simplified. You are reimbursed according to category you are placed in (which leads me to believe they are full of it saying amounts were not predetermined, if they were not they could not have a max payment of 120,000). And no I was unaware of the change until today. But I do try to post sources with things so they at least can be verified. And I do believe you are correct about rust hiring an answering service (if not they are even more worthless than previously thought)
    But here is the OCC statement on it “Regulators spent a significant amount
    of time determining categories of potential harm. The types of errors that could have
    occurred fall into 11 basic groups from relatively minor to the very egregious. Eligible borrowers will be slotted into each group based on objective loan attributes and borrower characteristics and then compensated based on that category, a much simpler process than the original IFR. The OCC and the Federal Reserve will then determine the amount of
    payment for each category ranging from hundreds of dollars to $125,000.”

  • April 5, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Nikki, other than facebook, how can we unite everyone into one group? We are going to need huge numbers of people to make this work.

  • April 5, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    that is precisely what a forum is for a massive amount of people in one place that is organised and searchable. it has categories and subcategories making it an easy efficient way to find something. Facebook is good for posting a single picture, or news story and having under 50 people comment on it. Over 50 and it starts to jumble comments when continually clicking “view previous comments” it is no longer chronological ie: a posted today at 5:30 the next comment you see is from b who posted a week ago.. you are then missing every comment in between. Which does not make for a good way of doing mass communication. Let alone seeing what other people posted with. If you want to know what I am talking about go to that fb page and click the see all button next to recent posts by others. Keep in mind after scrolling all the way to the bottom of that, that only about 10 people have posted. Can you tell me you would want to scroll through 10,000 people doing that daily? Having no other way to know if someone had already posted their question so half of that being the same questions over and over again?

  • April 5, 2013 at 6:31 pm

    If people choose not use it thats fine, it only took like 5 min to set up. If someone would rather make their own forum like whoever created the fb page thats fine as well. I just wanted something that was easy to follow to go along with the fb page. As I said people are more prone to finding that fb page vs finding a forum on the web. But both could promote each other very easily.

  • April 5, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    Instead of facebook, why not set up a yahoo groups page? That way, a moderator has to approve everyone who comes into the group. That way the rest of the world, family, friends, enemies, people you work with won’t have access to your personal business. We kept our problems to ourselves and our family doesn’t know. My idiot sister suspects and told other people, but no one else. I’d just rather keep it private.

  • April 5, 2013 at 7:03 pm

    Nikki, I tried to join, I keep getting pop up adds. Im all for what works best.

  • April 5, 2013 at 7:15 pm

    I see what Dana is saying. Maybe we should open a new group on facebook that is PRIVATE and Warren can be the admin. Give a brief description of your situation with the IFR. I joined the group on facebook, but it’s not private. My friends know I am in that group and are asking me already, “What is IFR? Were you foreclosed on?”

  • April 5, 2013 at 7:19 pm

    Im a ole fart Eric..could care less what others think, only worried that something i type might come back to bite me. I got on that site Nikki! Eric, I would do a private problem, I just dont know how to start one. I will try this weekend during the final 4 games.

  • April 5, 2013 at 7:28 pm

    That was why I started the forums Dana and Eric.. You can join under a nickname so no personal info is given other than what YOU chose to disclose. And those groups also lack the organization I was talking about. I prefer a forum for that reason. We all should be able to choose who we discuss these types of situations, while some are more open about it just because they were foreclosed on for no reason other than a bank screwing up. But it was up to them to decide to be open about it.
    Warren I am not sure why you were getting pop-ups. Though I do strongly recommend Ad-block for chrome and enable the pop-up blocker that should come with most standard virus protection software. If you are getting lots of pop-ups it might indicate a problem and you should run a virus/adware program. (sorry its the tech part of me coming through).

  • April 5, 2013 at 7:36 pm

    my servicer was/is PNC,David Stern in Fla.was their attorney that sent me my foreclosure paperwork in 2009,i’ve jumped through all hoops for loan mod,short sale and i am still waiting for the foreclosure,filled out the paperwork with IFR when asked and sent bank,got an acknowledgement that it was received so I am still waiting for something a nice check would be nice so that i can start over with something I could live in,fortunately i am in a rental,but would love a perm home.Credit of course is ruined because of the pending foreclosure since 2009,stating that foreclosure is in process.So i am in limbo.Seems to me we should be able to file a class action,even after the settlement.Something really does need to be done,if they would just remove the negative on my credit i would probably be okay.

  • April 5, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    Lexi, I would call rust consulting to verify that you are on the list as the post cards were sent out on the 18th of last month to those who qualified. I have heard from others that they never got the card, called and were told that they DID qualify. 1-888-952-9105 is the number.
    But you are correct getting a check from this settlement in no way hinders our right to be able to take our mortgage companies to court for wrong doing!

  • April 5, 2013 at 8:53 pm

    Nikki, where is the forum set up?

  • April 5, 2013 at 9:44 pm

    I like the idea of the forum. Facebook is a little too public for me for such an embarrassing and personal issue. The large majority of my Facebook friends does not know about our foreclosure or bankruptcy, and I prefer to keep it that way 😉

  • April 6, 2013 at 12:12 pm

    @Tess…I’ve said this before…this is a great link…and it shows us that if we weren’t in the military when this crap happened to us, we’re going to get peanuts!! 300 servicemen definately getting over 100K leaves little, and I mean LITTLE, for the rest of us who went through the same as them, and in some cases, even worse!! After reading that link I’m DONE hoping that I was going to be treated fairly and get the amount I am due from this scam.

  • April 6, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    @robdagain the 125k they are getting is NOT part of the Independent foreclosure review it is an entirely different settlement. “The $36.8 million being paid by Bank of America to 297 service members is pursuant to the 2011 consent decree — which predated the National Mortgage Settlement — and represents only the nonjudicial foreclosures conducted by Bank of America, Justice Department officials said”
    With that being said I have not read anywhere that they cannot receive money from the IFR as well. They said people who were under the National mortgage settlement COULD still use the IFR.

  • April 7, 2013 at 12:14 pm

    Robdagain, 300 * 125,000 is 37.5 million. That still leaves a ton of money. Whatever 3.6 Billion minus 37.5 Million is. If there were 300 millitary personel wrongfully foreclosed. I’m ready to get something and then the plot thickens.

  • April 8, 2013 at 3:24 am

    I’m in ! I say “”Fighting back”” would be a good name for Facebook !

  • April 8, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    I was actually surprised to get a postcard. I am currently waiting for my payment from the National Mortgage Settlement, so I thought that would be it.
    Bank of America, or Bank of Evil, as we call it, was so horrid, and so inconsistent to deal with. We got different answers every time we called. I started trying to get a modification in 2008, when I lost my job, and my husband was going to be laid off during the fall. I knew we were going to fall behind, so I thought I would nip it in the bud before we got in trouble. They said they only way they could help us is if we were behind. I couldn’t believe that is what they were telling me, so we kept making our payments, to the point of sacrificing payments to other bills (water, power, etc.) to keep them up to date. We kept trying for a mod, to no avail. Another rep from Bank of America told me to flat out stop paying our mortgage for 90 days, then we would be all but guarenteed to get a mod. So we did. We had a reduced income, so we used or mortgage payments to catch up on our seriously deficient utility bills. After 90 days we applied for a modification, and we were denied. Applied again, they “lost” the paperwork. Applied through Acorn, denied, HAMP wouldn’t take us. Tried for a short sale, no deal. Tried for another modification through Acorn, denied again. We were so underwater, that trying to sell our 1100 sq foot house for 242,000 was out of the question. We finally just had to let it go. Our marriage was crumbling, we were broke, and my husband kept getting laid off. We moved into an apartment, rebuilt our lives, and are finally happy again. I will never put myself or my family through that again, unless I can pay for the house with cash and never have to deal with a bank. I really hope that the IFR is for real, and we get something.

  • April 8, 2013 at 5:14 pm

    If you haven’t joined the foreclosure forum, you should. It is an easier way to keep up, plus members are posting any article they find that is even a little informational. The address is:

  • April 8, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Wow; I totally feel everyone’s pain & disgust with the Banking Institutions. Up until today’s date; it appears that no one has received compensation as a result to the IFR Agreement / Settlement. If anyone has received anything other than the past Post Card / Please Speak up so you can be heard. By speaking up / sharing, you will Help Yourself & everyone who has been Abused by the Banking Institutions. Again; I feel everyone’s Pain / I’m in the same Boat! Good Luck to you all, & God Bless – Rob

  • April 8, 2013 at 6:24 pm

    I have called twice to get information on how you cash the check if it is made out to a family members estate. This is a case where there was no will or assets and therefore did not go through probate. I asked if there was a claim form, like with Social Security, etc. and they said there was nothing in place for that. Social Security was fairly easy and timely to work with . Does anyone know how the hundreds, possibly thousands of people will cash the checks of deceased family members who foredclosed? I might add, sadly many of which may have passed away due to the stress of losing their homes.

  • April 8, 2013 at 7:40 pm

    I already explained my ordeal with Chase in an earlier post. My heart goes out to everyone for the way we have been treated by these banks. I believe we should stick together. However, I think it is embarassing to be on facebook. Some of my family members do not even know the hell that Chase has put me through. Chase is trying to foreclose on my house next month. I have taken them to our congressmen here in Georgia. I have contacted HUD since my mortgage is FHA. At this point, I am not even sure whether NACA can save me from foreclosure. When Chase is being investigated, they do not try to hear your (customer) side of the story. This is why I am disappointed with the Independent Foreclosure Review. I completed and mail the form that was sent to me. There is not much on the form to tell the details of your experience with these banks. I was told that I will receive a check but I have not even received the “infamous postcard.”

  • April 8, 2013 at 8:07 pm

    @ Yamy – Facebook is too public for me on this issue. Someone in an earlier post said within just a little while after being “friended” she had friends and family calling to ask iif she was foreclosed on. The forum is much more private. You can find it at

  • April 8, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    Yamy – You should call Rust;they are pretty useless on most everything, but they can tell you if you should have received a postcard. Are you involved in the second settlement for people still in their homes?

  • April 9, 2013 at 7:04 am

    Has anyone received anything more in the mail besides the postcard?

  • April 17, 2013 at 10:12 pm

    Ok.. So I just got my check and it’s a lousy 400.00 dollars!! Anyone else ?

  • April 18, 2013 at 1:51 am

    Short Version
    My Husband And I Sold Our Businesses….Gained Employment…Built Our Dream Home..$300,000.00 Cash.. and A Small Mortgage…BIG MISTAKE…I was always told cant loose on realty…….Yeah Right!
    The Land we purchased was part of a family farm……we lost our jobs….waited over a year….still no jobs….was forced out Mortgage company would not work with us talk to us except sending nasty letters and sending people to our door….my health could not take it anymore… we put the house up for sale ….they would not even return our realtors phone calls letters faxes emails nothing…..gained employment in another state had to leave our family friends and the only life we ever knew……
    Left with five thousand in our pocket after selling everything, paying off what debt we could and a borrowed blow up mattress..and two folding lawn chairs…and our clothing…reached destination lived in a motel for 4 months….until we gained enough to get an apartment…which was difficult because our credit was so damaged.
    Finally sold the house and three days later….call from realtor theres a problem….the land was surveyed wrong and land owner will not give it up……took it sold it and now has a large sum of money from the sale in his bank account……free and clear….while I am stuck paying the behind the door debt, did the right thing and didnt go bankrupt (Cancelled It), and are stuck with a foreclosure and other things on my credit report.
    We have tried desperately to get some help, with no avail, no one will talk to us, Mortgage Company, Title Company, Township, County, Tax People, IRS, State, No one….
    We are barely making it, our check book is in the red all the time, I have work diligently to try and get help, it has put me in the hospital over the stress of it all….Almost Gave up then….
    Finally I thought some relief there is actually a group going to make this right so I can go back home…..The Independent Forclosure Review….and now I hear this, a 300.00 check if I am lucky in the lottery……….UGH!

  • April 19, 2013 at 4:43 am

    I did not even know that there was a review. Never rec’d any info about requesting a review. I was totally surprised by the postcard that I rec’d in March, especially since I had been scouring the web looking for class action suits against banks and mortgage companies. I am in the same boat—-waiting for my check, and I was hopeful until I have read some of the responses—$300? $500? What are they thinking, that is such an insult to all of us that have been hurt by what has happened over the last 5 years! By the way, I am in Texas, any Texans receive their check?

  • April 22, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Has anyone from Missouri received a check?

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