College Class of 2013 to See Starting Salaries Overall Jump 5%

College Class of 2013 to See Starting Salaries Overall Jump 5% The college Class of 2013 can expect an overall starting salary of $44,928 — up 5.3 percent over the average starting salary of the Class of 2012 ($42,666), according to a recent report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers.
Starting salaries are up across the board, from just under 2 percent to nearly 10 percent.
Of course, this assumes that graduates can land a job in their chosen field.
And that would be a good thing considering the debt that many graduates carry with them into the workforce. Student loan debt is creating a new, $1 trillion  bubble that even the Federal Reserve now says could be a factor to overall economic growth.
President Obama is pushing for Congress to prevent a doubling of the interest rate (from 3.4 percent) for the subsidized Stafford student loan that is to take affect July 1.
Since most of today’s college students were born, tuition and fees at public universities have more than doubled, Obama said Friday.
The average student who takes out loans to pay for four years of college graduates owing more than $26,000.
The recent report from NACE puts engineering and “health sciences” graduates in the best positions.
The overall average salary for engineering graduates jumped 4 percent to $62,535, making them the highest paid group of majors. One driving force is the addition of petroleum engineering majors, who are averaging starting salaries of $93,500, the highest-paid major of this report.
While engineering students are the highest paid, students majoring in the health sciences saw the largest overall increase to their average starting salaries, which bounced 9.4 percent to $49,713. Fueling the increase was a jump in nursing salaries, rising 4.3 percent to $52,800 — but also that general health sciences salaries increased nearly 20 percent to $45,200.
Graduates earning degrees in computer-related fields saw their average salaries increase 4.3 percent. The
overall average salary now stands at $59,977. In this group, computer science majors pulled down
the biggest increase —- their average salary rose 5.2 percent to $64,800.
Information sciences and systems graduates also saw an increase; their average salary rose 3.6 percent to $57,100.
Class of 2013 to See Starting Salaries Overall Jump 5%

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