Woman Awarded $18.6M After Equifax Fails to Correct Credit Report

Woman Gets $18.6M After Equifax Fails to Correct Credit ReportJulie Miller said she couldn’t get Equifax to correct major inaccuracies in her credit report, including erroneous collection attempts and a wrong Social Security number. She tried eight times over a two year period with no success.
Those attempts occurred between 2009 and 2011.. On Friday, a federal jury in Oregon awarded Miller, of Marion County, $18.4 million in punitive and $180,000 in compensatory damages in her case against Equifax Information Services, one of the big three credit bureaus.
Equifax will likely appeal.
“There was damage to her reputation, a breach of her privacy and the lost opportunity to seek credit,” Justin Baxter, the Portland attorney who teamed on the case with his father and law partner, Michael Baxter, told the Portland Oregonian. “She has a brother who is disabled and who can’t get credit on his own and she wasn’t able to help him.”
Miller said discovered the problem when she was denied credit by a bank in early December 2009. She alerted Equifax and filled out multiple forms with updated information which she returned to the agency.
She had found similar mistakes in her reports with other credit bureaus, Baxter said, but those companies corrected their errors.
Tim Klein, an Equifax spokesman, declined to comment to the Oregonian, saying he didn’t have any details about the decision from the Oregon Federal District Court.
Miller said she also had asked several times for copies of her credit report, the lawsuit alleged. Credit bureaus are required by federal law to provide one free report to consumers annually. After that they charge a small fee. On several occasions, Equifax failed to respond to Miller’s requests, the suit alleges.
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