FTC: Consumers Getting $2M Back from 'Free Gas for Life' Scam

FTC: Consumers Getting $2M Back from 'Free Gas for Life' ScamThe Federal Trade Commission is mailing 58,234 checks to consumers totaling more than $1.9 million as compensation for getting scammed by Green Millionaire, an online scheme.
The scam amounted to a “free” book that explained how to power cars and homes at no cost. But consumers were billed for an online magazine they never ordered.
The nearly $2 million represents about 54 percent of consumers’ total estimated loss.
Each person will receive an average amount of about $33.88, based upon the amount of individual loss divided pro-rata.
Those who receive the checks from the FTC’s refund administrator should cash them within 60 days of the mailing date.  The FTC never requires consumers to pay money or to provide information before refund checks can be cashed.
Those with questions should call the refund administrator, Epiq Systems, Inc., at 1-877-866-6385, or visit http://www.FTC.gov/refunds for more general information.
According to the FTC’s complaint against Green Millionaire, Syndero Inc., Scott Waltz, and Nigel Williams, the defendants marketed a “Green Millionaire Book” in TV and Internet ads. The ads falsely claimed the book would describe “how to get free gas for life.”

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