Comcast Customers to Get Charged $1.50 'Broadcast TV Fee'

Comcast Customers to Get Charged $1.50 'Broadcast TV Fee'Cable TV giant Comcast has begun telling subscribers in some markets that it will add a $1.50 ‘Broadcast TV Fee” starting January 1 to offset the rising costs of carrying local channels.
The nation’s largest cable operator has sent a letter to subscribers in Michigan, Indiana and Arkansas that says the fee is needed because the broadcast networks and other content companies are demanding more money to carry their local stations.
“In recent years, the cost of retransmitting broadcast television signals has increased significantly, and we want to address these more recent increases through a separate itemized charge so that they are clear to you,” the company states in a customer notice.
Comcast reportedly has not alerted all subscribers of the increase. But some reports say the fee increase likely will go nationwide.
In the past, a portion of the costs of broadcast channels have been included within the basic service rate.
According to Multichannel News, a Comcast spokeswoman said that other markets will see the Broadcast TV Fee “as their 2014 rate cycle begins, which varies between regions.”
Some customers could see the increase in January; others in the spring or summer.
The $1.50 charge covers only a portion of Comcast’s total retransmission cost increases, the company said.

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