Obamacare's SHOP Exchange for Small Business Faces Longer Delay

Obamacare's SHOP Exchange for Small Business Faces Longer DelayObama Administration officials are indicating that its already delayed SHOP exchange website for small business owners won’t be fully functioning by Dec. 1.
This creates yet another problematic front in President Obama’s campaign to get enrollment under the Affordable Care Act up and running at full speed.
Instead of a fully functioning SHOP exchange, employers will have a process for enrolling in coverage by the end of the month — but it may not necessarily be possible through HealthCare.gov.
Further delays gives small business owners only a few days to choose a plan in order for it to begin coverage on January 1.
While the employer mandate has been delayed until 2015 – meaning that businesses with 50 or more employees will not be required to offer healthcare for over a year – the situation is still urgent for business owners whose existing policies are being canceled due to the law’s requirements.
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, which is in charge of building both the individual and small-business insurance marketplaces, is still exploring all of its options regarding the full launch of SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program), according to the agency.

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