There's Now a Real Debit Card Tied to Your Google Wallet

There's Now a Real Debit Card Tied to Your Google WalletAdd debit cards to Google’s ever-expanding stash of offerings.
The Internet giant Wednesday launched an actual non-virtual (real) prepaid card. The new Google Wallet Card will be tied to a consumer’s Google Wallet account.
The card can be used for purchases and ATM withdrawals.
Google Wallet, launched in 2011, is a virtual wallet that is funded by transfers from other Google Wallet users, or money transferred from bank and credit card accounts.
You can use Google Wallet  to pay with a mobile phone at certain retailers.
To access the new debit card’s balance at retail and ATM locations, you can use the same pin code that you already use with your Google Wallet account.
The debit card’s integration with Google Wallet allows both access to the cash in your bank account and funds in your Wallet account sent by friends. The Google Wallet system includes notifications on your phone after spending money using the card.
According to a report in Businessweek earlier this year, Google has spent around $300 million on Google Wallet, but the product has fallen shot of the same popularity as some of the company’s other non-search products.
The new debit card feature could boost Google Wallet’s popularity among consumers.
“The [updated] app will be rolling out to Android users this week, which has the option to order the card,” a Google spokesperson told Mashable. “Or users can order the card directly in their Wallet account now.”

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