AT&T Starts $15/Month Discounts on No-Contract Phones

AT&T Starts $15/Month Discounts on No-Contract PhonesIt seems the failure of AT&T to merge with T-Mobile a while back has paid off for consumers.
Beginning today, new and existing wireless AT&T customers have the option to choose from new “Mobile Share Value” plans. Essentially, these plans provide the opportunity to shed the dreaded service contract and save money.
AT&T’s move comes several months after T-Mobile gave the wireless industry a much-needed re-alignment by offering plans that includes pricing a monthly subscription separately from the cost of the phone. By doing so, subscribers who own their own phones only pay for the service.
Sounds reasonable, but AT&T and the other major carriers continued charging you the same service on two-year contracts, even after the customer will have paid for the phone if he or she had purchased it on their own.
Under AT&T’s new ‘No Annual Service Contract’ options, smartphone customers can save $15 a month on Mobile Share Value plans.
Under AT&T’s new option, smartphone customers with their own devices — whether they purchased the phones at full price, fulfilled their most recent contracts, or purchased a device through the AT&T Next early upgrade program — can get $15 off their monthly plan.
Customers with multiple devices on their Mobile Share plans may see additional discounts depending on which tier of data service they choose.
All Mobile Share Value plan customers will benefit from shared data plus unlimited talk and text on their phones.
So a subscriber with a 2GB/month data plan who owns the smartphone will pay $80 a month, $15 off the current $95 plan.
This puts AT&T closer to the $70/month plan offered by T-Mobile.

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