Chase: Target Card Hack is 'Widest Scale Security Breach We Have Seen'

Chase: Target Card Hack is 'Widest Scale Security Breach We Have Seen'JPMorgan Chase credit and debit card customers who may have been affected by the data breach at Target stores of 40 million accounts got another email Monday from the bank.
In the email, Jennifer Myhre, senior vice president for Chase Consumer and Community Banking, calls that Target incident the “widest scale security breach we have seen.”
The Chase statement is another troubling sign for Target, which is dealing with the aftermath of the Nov. 27-Dec. 15 theft during the busy holiday shopping season.
Three class-action lawsuits have already been filed and government lawyers from several states have asked Target for information about the breach.  Meanwhile, two Democratic senators have called on Target to do more to protect its customers
Monday’s email from Chase informed customers that limits on ATM withdrawals and purchases initiated last week have been raised.
“After monitoring fraud activity all weekend, we are selectively raising the cash withdrawal limits to $250 at ATMs in the United States and $1,000 for purchases at the point of sale effective immediately,” Myhre’s email states.
The previous limits were $100 for ATMs and $300 for purchases.
Chase customers still cannot access cash from ATMs outside the United States. Chase said it may continue to change these limits. Customers should check for updates.
Chase said many of its branches opened on Sunday to help deal with customer inquiries and card replacements for those affected by the Target breach.
“Thousands of Chase employees volunteered to come to work on their day off to help all of our customers, and particularly those who were impacted by the Target breach,” Myhre said. “We heard many stories from our employees about how they were able to help customers get new cards or extra cash ahead of holiday travel. A very big thank you to all of them.”
Here’s more information from Chase email to affected customers:

  • “If your debit or Chase Liquid card is at risk from the Target breach, you don’t need to call us. We are automatically reissuing cards and you should receive yours in the coming weeks.  If you need it sooner, many branches have instant issue capability and can issue you a new card on the spot. To find a branch with instant issue capability use our branch locator on or our mobile app.”
  • “If you need more cash, you can go to a branch and with proper identification, access your available funds. Branch hours by location are available in our branch locator as well.”
  • “If your card is at risk, don’t worry.  All your Chase cards have our Zero Liability Protection. That means you’re not liable for unauthorized transactions you report to us.”

The Federal Trade Commission says that consumers who visited Target during the time of the data breach should monitor their accounts and credit reports, and report unauthorized charges to their banks.

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