GameStop, Microsoft Offer Xbox One at $699-$739 in 'Bundles'

Hard-to-Find Xbox One Available at $699-$739 in 'Bundle' PricingHigh demand and very low supply spells higher prices for those trying to get their hands on Microsoft’s Xbox One game console, which debuted last month with pre-orders.
But the higher prices are not due to mark-ups on the gaming console — unless you opt to pay above the retail cost of $499 on eBay. The higher cost at mainstream retailers is the result of bundled offerings.
Xbox One is just about out-of-stock at most brick-and-mortar big retailers, except for possibly some GameStop stores, which is offering the console bundled with an extra controller and three games at $739.99 (the games: Forza 5, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Dead Rising 3). You’re best bet is online on this Cyber Monday.
The Microsoft Store is offering its own bundle online at $699.95, claiming a $50 discount as of Monday mid-morning. Its bundle includes the Xbox One Day One console, a 12-month Gold Membership, Microsoft Complete for Xbox One, and a choice of two Xbox One games.
Big chains such as Walmart, Best Buy and Target may have very limited supplies, possibly pre-orders that were never picked up. But, you will likely get there too late since demand is so high.
Check out‘s Xbox One tracking chart.

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